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It’s all eyes on Bitcoin right now after a super bullish couple of weeks. Yep, Rocktober is more than living up to the hype; I’m talking ETF mania, the highest weekly close in market history, and who knows, by the time this video airs, BTC could easily have smashed resistance to make an all time high. There’s no denying that Bitcoin is King right now. Dominance is climbing the Stairway to Heaven while the alts are Biting the Dust on the Highway to Hell. But don’t worry. You’ve got to remember the market cycles. We’re in phase 1 right now. Meaning if Bitcoin is king then Ethereum is Queen, biding her time before a face melting solo in Phase 2: the beginning of a kind of call-and-response with the rest of the large cap alts. It’s only October and Mercury is in retrograde (00.33, stick Eth logo on his head?). So while your altcoin portfolios might be looking a bit static right now, you might be feeling Under Pressure to go all in on Bitcoin. But you’ve just gotta be patient, hold on, and buckle up: this party’s only just getting started.

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