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More Details Emerge: New Trading Platform from Ripple?

Ripple is one plucky company. Despite facing new lawsuits over its plan to sell $1.1 billion USD worth of XRP, the company released new information about the next-generation cryptocurrency trading platform it may have in the works.

Specifically, new information about Ripple's potential next-generation cryptocurrency trading platform continues to be leaked via company's job postings.

According to the info, Ripple is currently recruiting yet another liquidity engineer/software engineer to join the Project team. In addition, the high-level enterprise-grade decentralized trading platform will provide real-time access to the cryptocurrency market and Ripple products.

Look for Big Moves From Ripple

Don't think that Ripple is going to let a cratering global economy or legal pushbacks stop it from giving people great decentralized tools.

A separate job for a technical manager was also listed, and media speculation points to the idea that the new trading platform could be integrated with the cross-border payment solution created by Ripple.

Notably, the company stated:

"We're looking for an engineering manager to lead and shape the team responsible for the ODL customer experience, integration into our next-generation trading platform and be a critical part of defining the future trajectory of On-Demand Liquidity and RippleNet."

Main job description for Engineering Manager:

  • Promote the roadmap and priorities for the ODL technical team and work with company-wide dependencies to create a shared vision.
  • Assist the technical team in achieving a high level of excellence and technical stability
  • Manage and create processes to allow the team to do the best and most effective work
  • Recruiting great engineers, partnering with the Ripple recruiting team,
  • Developing engineers on the team, helping them develop and advance in their careers

Ripple chief technology officer (CTO), David Schwartz, added that the company is working to make it easy for people to launch asset-backed tokens on XRP Ledger. However, it's unclear exactly how the trading platform will work.

More to Come

Ripple is continuing its efforts to target more use cases for XRP Ledger, and its acquisition of Logos Network in September 2019 was a part of that strategy. Decentralized payment platform startups are expected to help Ripple create more uses for the XRP Ledger platform.

The San Francisco-based startup said the product was designed to give financial institutions on its network a hub they can use to analyze data about fiat transactions, and their XRP, as well as connecting participants directly.

Ripple has shown that it is ready to work hard to new ideas, and it has the ability to deliver on its goals. The nest few years are probably going to see an increased use of more advanced crypto platforms, both by crypto backers, and people who are shut out of the established financial system.

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