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MIT's Narula – Goldman's Ire Positive for Crypto's Goals

The CEO of Lightning Labs, Elizabeth Stark, and MIT's Neha Narula dropped some heat on the recent Goldman controversy during Messari’s Mainnet conference, which was held on Monday.

If you want to read a little deeper into the commentary, just click here for more details. There is a lot to like about what they said, especially when it comes to how the backend of Bitcoin is being developed.

As they said – there was no Bitcoin ICO.

On to the reasons why I am co-opting the event for my own personal war.

Ok, maybe the word war is a little strong, but that mess is involved.

MIT Grads Shouldn't be Building Bombs

We don't need more weapons and endless wars. I don't mean we the people who are from the developed world, I mean we as a race of sentient creatures.

In case you haven't noticed, the society that existed prior to 'party like its 2020' has fallen apart. It isn't coming back, and the more actions that governments take to restrict economic activity, the worse it will get.

Does anyone really think that more (well over) 100 US cities are burning because one man was killed by police?

Come on...police kill the poor and disenfranchised every day in the USA.

In fact, someone who gets to burn off all their suffering in less than 10 minutes arguably has it better than the people who are fed into the highly corrupt for-profit legal/prison system and left to rot for 20-life.

Ok Nicholas, but the Tokens?

Yeah, I am getting to that.

Most people prefer not to see the US making war abroad (the USAF is bombing Somalia again, does anyone care?), and turn directly away from the bloated prison system, but the nexus point here is the USD, fiat currency, and Federal Reserve Bank.

You see, there hasn't been honest money for a very long time. The global community is forced to subsidize the USA by accepting US dollars and making the US government solvent in a pragmatic sense.

The US government is broke, and deeply in debt, but the USD is still the most used currency in the world, so as long as people keep taking it, the beat goes on.

Goldman, Wall St., and the global investment community are all on the take, and know what money that couldn't be created with keystrokes would mean – the jig is up!

Bitcoin, Cryptos, and Honest Digital Money Mean Change

Of course, Goldman doesn't like new money that isn't controlled by arguably the most sadistic people on the planet. The US prison system, US military, and US Government do little to nothing when it comes to protecting the rights of voters.

If you look at what the above groups do for companies like Bayer/Monsanto, Boeing, Halliburton, or any of the other key players in the global corporate state, you will see that money (which is made up by the FED) talks, and citizens walk...oh wait, no...they don't.

No one is walking around when there is a curfew, and the police aren't there to protect them. Just ask George Floyd's grieving family about the protection he received.

If you really want to F#$& UP the system – stop using its money, and let the puppetmasters turn on each other.

These are not nice people. You don't want to trust them.

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