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Market Mayhem Rockets TradingView Traffic – New User Registrations Explode

Due to COVID-19, and the wild swings it has created in all major asset classes, people are turning to TradingView in ever greater numbers. TradingView reported a surge in not only traffic, but also new registration as well.

The movements in stocks, bonds and cryptos over the last two months have been amazing. While they do happen at times in the markets, a bear market in equities that plays out in a matter of weeks is extremely rare.

According to TradingView, there have been approximately 23.000 new sign-ups a day, which is an enormous number compared to the time before COVID-19. This is likely a good sign for companies that provide charting tools and educational material to traders, as the public is waking up to how shaky the global financial system is.

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TradingView is in a Good Spot

There are some reasons why companies that deliver financial info are in a great position to benefit from the current global lockdown. People can't go out and live a normal life, and anyone who has any investments is watching them gyrate wildly in value.

In some ways, the central banking cabal will have a much harder time going forward, as policy actions will be watched to a greater degree by the general public, and people won't have things like a regular life to distract them from the tremendous injustice that is being done to the 99.99% of people on earth who aren't mega-rich.

It is easy to understand why TradingView will be used more, because people have to spend more time accessing the internet all day long.

What else are people doing right now?

More Interest in Cryptos is Coming

There has also been a notable rise in user registrations for crypto trading platforms.

Crypto exchanges have reported a 300% increase in verified accounts on crypto exchange platforms. Some may have been bargain hunting on beaten down token prices, but others could be starting to realize that the existing fiat financial system is likely on its last legs.

Trading cryptos is a good way to speculate on a very volatile asset class, but longer term investments in decentralized currency also seems to make sense right now.

The government and central bankers are able to create and spend money, but as the last six weeks have demonstrated, when government try to manage an economy, the worst outcomes are possible. Now the USA is facing unemployment that may rise to 50% (according to official figures that ALWAYS understate unemployment), and an 'economy' that is at a standstill.

If a similar situation ever happened in the global banking system, anyone without cryptos (and perhaps precious) metal would find that whatever assets they had on paper, in reality, they would be destitute.

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