Posted 3 years ago | by Ben Armstrong

LedgerX Falsely Claims to Be the First to Physical Bitcoin Futures Contracts

bitcoin futures contracts ledgerx cftc bakktYesterday, reports stated that LedgerX had become the first company to offer physical futures on its Omni trading platform. This was exciting news all over the crypto space. However, these reports have proven to be premature at best.

Today the CFTC has set the story straight. They have confirmed that the LedgerX launch did not in fact happen. The new language from LedgerX is that they are offering "early access" to trade physically backed Bitcoins on their trading platform. They announced that on Twitter today:

Yesterday's news was quite surprising because everyone is so focused on the Bakkt launch (if it ever actually happens before I die of old age). Supposedly, Bakkt is going through testing its delivery of Bitcoin futures using the Intercontinental Exchange.

To read more about this story & more, check out today's Bitcoin News video:

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