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KuCoin Adds Tokens, Helps Launch Pool-X

KuCoin is an innovative crypto trading platform that offers crypto investors access to new tokens, as well as great trading tools. The core business was recently reorginized, and the company is working to create new tools for the crypto markets, as well as more transparency in tokens.

Pool-X, a liquidity platform for staked tokens, was recently launched with the help of KuCoin. Staking is a relatively new innovation that allows token investors to earn a passive income from their tokens, without having to speculate on the value of cryptos.

The new liquidity platform will offer trading in eight tokens, which include ATOM, EOS, and TOMO. KuCoin is also helping the Pool-X project get going by listing the POL token on its exchange. The POL/USDT pair can be traded on KuCoin, which will help Pool-X to access greater liquidity pools.

If you would like to learn more about what KuCoin does, or open account with the platform, just click right here for more information.

KuCoin Supports New Ideas

Staking is a great idea, but there aren't a tremendous number of liquidity centers that cater to the staking process. Additionally, there is generally an 'unbinding' period after the official staking period ends, which can adversely affect the value of a crypto investor's portfolio.

According to KuCoin Global CEO Johnny Lyu:

“PoS consensus mechanism and staking mechanism are important infrastructure to promote the sustainable development of the crypto market. For the PoS projects, the staking ratio is very important, a low rate is not conducive to network security, and a high ratio is not conducive to token liquidity. More and more high-quality projects set their theoretical staking ratio at around 67%. We think crypto assets using PoS consensus mechanisms will account for 90%, that is, more than 60% crypto assets of the entire network will be in the staked status in the future. The liquidity needs of such huge crypto assets will be described in terms of the value of POL.”

Clearly, KuCoin has a vision of what the future of staking will look like, and the company is working to develop the market along responsible lines.

Great Trading Tools

KuCoin operates a crypto exchange that allows both retail and institutional clients to trade with more than 60 token pairs, as well as use leverage. It accepts crypto deposits for free, and gives traders a clean interface that is simple to use.

If you would like to sign up for an account with KuCoin, or are learning more about the company, just click right here. There are loads of trading opportunities out there in the crypto markets, and KuCoin is a great option for any crypto trader.

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