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Korean Recruitment Agency SaraminHR Uses Blockchain to Enhance Applicant Verification Process

SaraminHR, Korea’s leading job search website, recently announced their coordination with ICONLOOP, the biggest blockchain company in the country, to use blockchain technology for staff advertisement and recruitment.

The two companies came in a mutual agreement earlier this year, which specified the target of establishing an inclusive ecosystem on blockchain decentralized identity basis.

With the integration of blockchain technology, SaraminHR expressed their confidence to provide the most credible and accountable human resource.

The technology supports SaraminHR in improving the overall qualification process by adding new features – specifically preventing forgery in the interview process and test report, and also preventing fake certificates from being used to secure employment.

Blockchain Helps SaraminHR to Ensure Quality

To control faking test results, the blockchain platform builds the Final Candidate Report Forgery Prevention feature, which strictly manages the scoring process for each job qualification exam.

After the exam is completed, test scores and results are automatically transferred to a main blockchain system, then will be stored there permanently to avoid being hacked or interfered.

Another feature called Certificate Forgery Prevention is used to detect fake documents. To do that, it incorporates a mobile app named ICONLOOP’s Zzeung.

Applicants will be required to download and verify their identity on this application, then upload their CV including degree, transcript and other related certificates.

Their documents will be undergoing a verification procedure before getting approved.

Easier for Everyone

Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, SaraminHR commits to keeping all applicant’s papers under the best security and integrity. At the same time, the company can ensure that submitted applications are thoroughly checked before sent to their corporate clients.

The new platform also helps to strengthen and maintain the order and discipline at offline tests. With the Offline Test Attendance Verification feature, candidates will check in at the site of their exam via a QR code on mobile app called the ICONLOOP’s VisitMe.

Tentatively, the implementation of the platform is planned for this September. The first feature to be brought into pilot is Final Candidate Report Forgery Prevention, while the other two will be deployed gradually until December.

Speaking publicly, representatives from both SaraminHR and ICONLOOP are convinced in the success of the project and the potential of blockchain technology will change the whole HR industry.

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