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New South Korean Cryptocurrency Wallet to Launch

News1 Korea announced that the South Korean internet giant, Kakoa Corp, has a teaser page indicating it's own cryptocurrency (Crypto Wallet) wallet is coming soon. Kakoa Corp currently serves over 50 million active users. Klip, Kakoa's cryptocurrency wallet, would be available to all users under the "More" tab of the messaging app Kakoa Talks.

Developed by GroundX  Kakoa's subsidary blockchain, Klip will allow users to store Klaytn. With a focus to support other applications such as finance, content creation, and blockchained powered games. Klip is reported to support tokens from Klaytn mainnet and non-fungible tokens. Klaytn mainnet went live in June 2019. Klip is expected to be fully functional and user accessible by the end of this year.

This announcement (Crypto Wallet) means that an additional 50 million users will have access to cryptocurrency. This is a significant development to push cryptocurrency into the mainstream through an easy to use platform.

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