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Official Behind Bitcoin Futures Approval Leaving CFTC

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) of the United States is going to lose another senior-level staff member. There are a number of sources which have reported that the director of the Division of Market Oversight, Amir Zaidi, is going to leave within a few weeks.

He had been holding the post since 2017. Also, he had been the one who had been responsible for setting up a bitcoin futures trading policy and also redrafting the rules on swaps markets of OTC.

Prior to being a part of the CFTC in the year 2010, he had been associated with Corporate and Securities Group of Arnold and Porter LLP, an international law firm. Before this, he had been the financial analyst at New York’s Federal Reserve Bank and at Goldman Sachs.

The present Deputy Director of Enforcement at CFTC is going to serve the role of acting DMO director following the departure of Zaidi. He had performed the role of DMO director until Zaidi replaced him.

The news is making rounds only after it had been announced that the director of the experimental fintech attempt of CGTC is going to step down. As per the statement which had been released on the 2nd of August, Daniel Gorfine, the director and the chief innovation officer of CFTC is going to leave his post for pursuing a job in the private sector. In his 2 year term with the agency, he had spearheaded the project of LabCFTC.

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