Posted 2 years ago | by Ben Armstrong

Tron's founder Justin Sun has a new plan: give away 1.2 million dollars to 100 people in 2020.

This plan was announced as Justin Sun works to reschedule his charity lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett. The "lucky 100" as Sun has called this collection of people, will have the chance to be invited to his lunch with Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett has been a critical of bitcoin by calling it, "rat poison squared". Sun hopes to explain to Buffett why cryptocurrency is beneficial.

Business Insider reports that Sun has already invited other cryptocurrency bosses like Litecoin creator Charlie Lee and Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire to the lunch.

Another notable lunch invite includes President Donald Trump. President Trump has been critical of cryptocurrency.

Sun tweeted Andrew Yang to team up with Sun to help select the 100 hundred people. Democratic presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, has campaigned to provide a universal basic income for every American adult.

Other lunch invitations will be sent out soon. Holding the potential of a large cryptocurrency gathering at this lunch with Warren Buffett.

The charity lunch with Warren Buffett was originally scheduled to take place in July, but was postponed after Justin Sun got sick from kidney stones. Sun paid $4.57 million dollars for the charity lunch. The $4.57 million dollars was donated to a homeless charity.