Posted 1 year ago | by Ben Armstrong

TRON - Poloniex Partnership

Justin Sun stated on a livestream today that he did not buy Poloniex. However, he did admit that he is in fact one of the investors who recently made a large investment in Poloniex to help it to grow. Many crypto enthusiasts had suggested that Justin Sun was in fact behind the investment in Poloniex.

The livestream including a comical moment where Justin Sun referenced the size and engagement of the TRON twitter account compared to the size and engagement of the Poloniex account. He then implored viewers to go and follow the Poloniex Twitter handle.

Justin Sun also discussed how he got into Ethereum through the Poloniex exchange. Sun said that when he first heard of Ethereum, he thought that it sounded like a scam. He invested anyway through Poloniex and was glad he did.

Sun referenced both the past and future of the exchange. Sun says that Poloniex is one of the important exchanges in the history of cryptocurrency and that the future is also very bright for it.

The livestream and announcement of this Poloniex-TRON partnership comes on the heels of TRON being listed on the Poloniex exchange. TRON has been on the brink of a spot in the top 10 in overall cryptocurrency market caps for several months now. A Poloniex listing could be enough to push TRON finally into the top 10.

However, Poloniex was recently closed to US Residents. They have until December 15th, 2019 to withdraw their funds.

This is TRON's second big announcement about legitimate partnerships in the last few weeks. Often panned for their announcement of loose partnerships, TRON has bagged Poloniex & Samsung partnerships over the last two weeks. There is no indication of any upcoming announcements of new partners, but Justin Sun always has something up his sleeve. The cryptocurrency world is waiting to see what is next.