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Join Up and Let's Win $150,000 at the OKEX Trading Competition

There is a reward of $150,000 of the OKEx Elite Trading Team Contest, and we can win it!

The OKEx cryptocurrency exchange is rolling out a big event, the OKEx Elite Trading Team Contest.

As one of the top-ten global cryptocurrency exchanges OKEx is giving away prizes for Most Popular Teams, Highest % Return (Trader and Team), along with Highest Volume (Trader and Team).

Trading competitions include Spot Trading, Margin Trading, almost all aspects of the OKEx platform can be utilized.

The Team is Ready to Roll

The popular cryptocurrency website has also created the BitBoy Crypto Team to participate in the tournament, and invite people who are Elite Traders joining.

As a participate of the team, you will be shared analysis and signals for free during the competition in this group, which will be a great chance to learn and trade while also can earn BONUS in USDT by registering with the BitBoy Crypto Team link.

How to Join?

FIRST STEP -> Register at OKex with this link:

Open an account today, and if you buy $100 or more crypto on your first order (from buy crypto), you'll get $10 in free Bitcoin!

SECOND STEP ->Join BitBoy Crypto Team with this link:

About OKEx Trading

OKEx was founded in 2017 by Star Xu and first headquartered in China. The exchange then moved to Malta in 2018 which has a better regulatory framework for blockchain-related activities. OKEx is part of OK Group, which is a blockchain technology company founded in 2013.

OKEx trading is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides services in over 100 countries. It offers fiat-to-fiat and crypto-to-fiat trading, futures trading, and wallet options all on one site.

The exchange has various cold storage locations across the world to limit asset exposure and safeguard against losses in the event of hacking. The network has offline private keys for exchange hot wallets, therefore, the exchange hot wallet only holds a minimal amount of assets to boost security.

In addition, customer accounts are protected by a robust system, including 2FA verification, mobile verification codes for withdrawals, and changing settings and anti-phishing codes in every OKEx email.

Also, there is a bug bounty program to reward any person who discovers and reports security vulnerabilities in the Exchange.

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