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Hotel Palm Royal Naha Kokusai Street and Pine Tree Bless Bar in Okinawa, Japan have announced their partnership with Cardano. The partnership is through Cardano's Emurgo. Hotel and Bar guests will be able to use Cardano as a payment option.

This announcement was shared on Cardano's website, quoting Hotel Palm Royal Naha Kousai Street, "With the worldwide fintech revolution already underway and blockchain technology evolving day by day, Hotel Palm Royal Naha believes that transfers of value using digital assets or cryptocurrencies will soon become a normal part of daily life."

This is a substantial step towards using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in daily life. The announcement continued to say that, "We wanted to be a pioneer in raising awareness of and introducing modern payments of this kind, to fundamentally set us apart from other hotel facilities."

This pioneer move is a timely one with the 2020 Olympic Games set to arrive in Japan in just over 10 months. As Japan hosts visitors from all over the world, this will provide guests with another option for payment. Sports fans have already demonstrated a willingness to use cryptocurrency.

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