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Its Official! Binance Confirms Its Partnership with Swipe

Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange according to CoinGecko’s trust score, confirmed it has partnered with the crypto debit card provider Swipe for the launch of its new debit card, 


If you want to take advantage of Binance’s new debit card as well as loads of trading options, please click here to signup. The platform has loads of tools for traders and investors, and you will likely find what you are looking for.


Binance’s Feature Expansion Continues 


Through a cached-version of the FAQ page, the exchange revealed the partnership between the two companies.


“Binance has partnered with Swipe to provide a Card platform for Binance users,” the cached-version of the Binance Card website read.


Binance revealed its plans for the crypto debit card back in last March as the exchange wants to provide a fiat gateway by allowing its users to pay for goods and services using their stored cryptocurrencies.


According to the exchange, its card is similar to other bank-issued cards but comes with some additional features such as the ability to be used across the world without any geo-restrictions. 


Transfers will be instant and available for immediate use as it works with numerous networks worldwide, the exchange claims.


Binance and Swipe are a Perfect Simbiosis


Established as a cryptocurrency exchange in 2017, Binance has now grown up to be an all-round player in the crypto industry offering services ranging from mining pools to lending.


Over the last few years, the exchange has acquired several crypto and blockchain companies around the world, launched its mining pool, and expanding its services.


Swipe is a Philippine-based company operating in the United Kingdom and Estonia, offering its own crypto debit card and supporting over 30 digital currencies through Contis Financial Services Ltd, a Visa member licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.


Swipe has partnered with Google Pay and Samsung in the past for the addition of its digital currency Visa debit card into its payments platform.


Binance is Placed First in CoinGecko’s New Exchange Security Rankings


On July 1, CoinGecko announced the update of its security metric with the inclusion of the Hacken’s Cybersecurity Score.


As a result, Binance passed to be the number one exchange according to CoinGecko’s Trust Score, with Coinbase and Kraken following in the second and last place.


Trust Score is an algorithm accounting all key features that any fully functioning cryptocurrency exchange should have, including liquidity, trading activity, scale, and technical expertise.


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