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Israeli Blockchain Startup 2key Launches New Ethereum-based app

SmartSession is a new app powered by Ethereum, and it comes from an online platform that is fully-owned and operated by 2key New Economics Ltd.

The SmartSession app enables users to add a crypto paywall via the Zoom video conferencing platform with no hassles. The feature is coming right at a time when the online broadcasting industry is in high demand, and online conferences are on the rise due to the coronavirus crisis.

2key is an Israeli blockchain startup with a headquarters located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The 2key team, with "members based in seven countries spread over three continents," states that its mission is to "commit to building technology that will bring about social change."

2key is Building Payment Solutions

2key's SmartSession is currently available on Zoom's "App Marketplace," and is considered an app for Zoom Meetings. Notably, this blockchain app supports payment transactions among users with Ether (ETH) and lets the organizers monetize and earn from their respective Zoom Video Sessions as well.

The app does bring benefits for organizers and users, including helping them to earn in cryptocurrencies without the need for any banking fees or red tape. Furthermore, they are able to do the payment transactions quickly, without dealing with currency differences.

Here is some information about the app from the company:

"Zoom SmartSessions allows instructors, therapists, and any service provider to socially distribute and manage registration, payments, and access to their services offered via Zoom...Zoom SmartSessions, allows SMBs, service providers, teachers, instructors, therapists, and others to generate paid service sessions, and to incentivize their social networks to distribute the events searching for target attendees...The platform also helps with collecting payments for the session and distributing referral rewards for those helping reach the target audience."

Cryptos Make Global Payments Simple

On 2key's website, it says that the Zoom SmartSession app could bring considerable benefits to "many types of businesses from a crypto paywall such as sports instructors, music teachers, remote support consultants, lawyers, and online seminars/conferences."

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating trends toward online work that have existed for at least a decade. Many jobs can be done 100% online, but cross border payments can be tricky.

While governments and the banking system erect walls to cross-border capital flows, platforms like Ethereum and Bitcoin make it simple to send money globally. As more people do business online, these platforms will only grow in importance.

People are getting used to using digital payment solutions. We can only hope that the masses understand that cryptos are a far better option than whatever the central banks come up with next, and keep using cryptos!

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