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IOST "Back to the Moon" Plan

IOST has revealed its much anticipated new roadmap. IOST (Internet of Services Token) is one of the few projects launched over the last two years that was able to not only complete their roadmap, but was able to complete it ahead of schedule. Now starting with Q3 of 2019, IOST has given its community a new plan how how IOST is going to get "Back to the Moon."

The roadmap will take IOST throughout the remainder of 2019. The roadmap, literally called the "IOST Back to the Moon Plan" lists the following goals for 2019.


  • Mainnet
    • Release v3 2.0 mainnet & security upgrade
    • Integration of decentralized exchanges and hardware wallets
  • Node Ecosystem
    • New proposal on nodes governance
  • Developer Community
    • New round of Bounty Program
  • DApp Ecosystem
    • DApp contract security system construction
  • Staking Economy:
    • Leverage current advantages and increase market share
  • Community
    • New round of international community building


  • Mainnet
    • Initial cross-chain deployment
    • Initial side-chain deployment
    • Mainnet update
    • Launch IRC20 coin by one click
    • Launch chain on IOST by one click
  • Mass Adoption
    • Finish the initial IOST technology mass adoption
  • DApp Ecosystem
    • Increase DApp variety
    • Launch more popular and quality DApps
  • Staking Economy
    • More innovations in Staking Economy

It's not certain whether or not this plan will actually send IOST back to the moon, but hopefully it can get it back on the way to at least 2 cents.

To see more details on this story and others, check out BitBoy Crypto's latest video:

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