Posted 2 years ago | by Ben Armstrong

Cryptic Message Posted to IOST Medium

On the IOST Medium page today a cryptic message was posted with the words "Who Am I?" at the bottom. No more clues were given. Here is the image that was posted:

emogi,berm,bermi,huobi prime 5,huobi,iost

However, after a little investigation it seems like this image contains a very similar image to one we reported on earlier this week. It appears that this could be linked to the new digital currency focused on Latin America named Emogi. Emogi is the new IRC-20 Token from Bermi. Here is an image taken directly from the Emogi website.

emogi,iost,berm,bermi,huobi,huobi prime 5

As you can see, it appears that there is at least some connection here. But where does Huobi fit into all of this? I for one am very excited to see what this news is tomorrow.
To see more about this story and others watch BitBoy Crypto's latest Bitcoin News Video:

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