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IOST has released a new starlight program in an effort to encourage more partners to participate in the IOST ecosystem.

“In a bid to encourage more outstanding partners to participate in the growth of the IOST ecosystem, and to ensure that the partner nodes’ great efforts and significant contributions are rewarded accordingly, the IOST Foundation has listened to feedback from the community and made some progressive changes in the cooperation plan with the partner nodes.

The contribution reward rules have been adjusted accordingly and will be introduced in this document, with 2 main changes being the contribution rewards breakdown and the assessment process.

The IOST Node Partner Starlight Program is officially live now and is to be implemented starting from Q4 2020,” IOST wrote in a blog post on its Medium.

  • Grade 1: 1,650,000 IOST per node
  • Grade 2: 850,000 IOST per node
  • Grade 3: 400,000 IOST per node
  • Grade 4: 100,000 IOST per node
  • Grade 5: 20,000 IOST per node
  • The Operational plan
  • The Development Plan
  • The Promotion plan
  • Product/Development/Promotion progresses
  • Key data
  • Related Links

Starting now, partner nodes should contact IOST regional node manager for your contribution plan and progress.

Bi-weekly report submission deadline:
29 Oct 2020
12 Nov 2020
26 Nov 2020
10 Dec 2020
24 Dec 2020

IOST is now up to more than 400 partner nodes from nearly 20 countries around the world have joined the IOST ecosystem, including mainstream media, exchanges, first-class tech teams, high-quality DApp development teams, enthusiastic community builders, and more.

IOST’s has also recently announced that its blockchain browser IOSTABC will now support displaying the original contract code of contracts deployed on its network. The team hopes that this will “jointly accelerate the development of IOST ecosystem together.”

IOST is a long-time project supported by Bitboy Crypto and we have our own node on there. If you want to support the Bitsquad you can join here. Each week, Bitboy Crypto will be covering IOST updates and Node highlights, stay tuned!

Watch Bitboy discuss why IOST is the DEFI game-changer in the video below!

IOST is currently trading at [FIAT: $0.00538787] DOWN -3.5% according to Coingecko at the time of this report.