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IOST Partners with Ankr to Bring Node Hosting Solutions to Develop IOST Nodes

The IOST Foundation recently announced its partnership with the service platform Ankr to launch affordable and user-friendly node hosting measures to the IOST nodes community.

Under this collaboration, the Ankr team is going to develop infrastructure for rolling out blockchain nodes with the goals of making the process easy, accessible, affordable, and instantly distributed across the globe.

IOST is growing its global node ecosystem, which has attracted over 400 worldwide nodes at the present. If you would like to vote for the BitBoy IOST node, please click right here!

IOST Grows Globally

To benefit the growth of the IOST node network and usage of Ankr’s node as a-service-solutions, Ankr and IOST will leverage their mutual networks and communities. Hopefully, this will allow all the community members to use an IOST node and decentralize the IOST mainnet to a higher degree.

Ankr is a Good Fit for IOST

Ankr aims to take away any possible barriers for users while participating in the IOST network. Therefore, Ankr will focus on the ease of use as well as the affordable pricing of IOST node solutions.

The company will apply its one-click node deployment, which is available in its node market, to IOST nodes.This system is an effortless way to set up an IOST Full node and participate in the IOST network.

By staking tokens participants can become a Servi node or a Partner node then be allowed to start earning rewards from the IOST reward pool.

About Ankr

Ankr is a full-stack cloud service platform and marketplace for developing data center owners that monetize their resources. Ankr is developing the blockchain cloud infrastructure to power the Web 3.0.

Blockchain node operators can use cloud resources from enterprise-grade data centers by using the Ankr platform to easily create more than 100 different types of blockchain nodes. Also, it consists of an API service for supporting developers' access to major public blockchains.

The Ankr team has a global community of over 30,000 supporters. Currently, they are working in San Francisco, Shanghai, Seoul, Moscow, Amsterdam, and London.

Ankr website:

The IOST Community

IOST’s Partner Program is known as the globally leading staking program by several blockchain research institutions since its attractive returns, low risk, and ease of use as some of the key program highlights. Please visit the following websites to learn more and participate in one of the world’s top staking program.

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IOST Announcement Channel:

IOST Official Twitter:

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