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IOST Launches New Staking Mechanism

IOST (Internet of Service Technology) recently launched IOST Node Program 2.0, and now it has announced that a new staking mechanism is ready to go.

The staking mechanism will only lock up tokens for three days, which may help investors to boost their returns. The previous staking mechanism required seven days to unstake, which is a big change for the better.

There is lots to learn about IOST, and it is ready for more people to get involved. The foundation is looking for people or groups that would like to be IOST nodes.

According to the company, anyone who is interested in becoming an IOST node:

Any individual or team that is interested in becoming an IOST node, please fill out the application form and you will become a candidate. Application form link:

You will be an officially elected Partner node once getting 2.1M votes.

There are no technical requirements, as IOST will provide comprehensive technical support.

To become a Servi node who produces blocks, you must meet the minimum of 10 million votes requirement. To learn more about Servi node application, please click here.

Lots of Opportunities with IOST

IOST has created a great platform that offers rewards for people that want to get involved, or just stake tokens.

The foundation states that:

“Nodes with more than 2.1 million votes are eligible to share a reward pool of 4% IOST total supply (840,000,000 IOST) every year, in which 25% are election rewards, 25% are block production rewards, and 50% are contribution rewards.”

Running an IOST node creates solid rewards, and the platform will likely grow over the next few years. The foundation has a great team to rely on, and has already demonstrated that it is able to bring a workable platform to the marketplace.

Empowering Users

Unlike traditional systems, IOST is owned by the people who use and operate the system. Not only can you gain tokens from participating with IOST, you will also be creating a new way for people to trade across borders, and without interference from existing interests.

In the new millennium, it will be necessary to create ways for people to insulate themselves from adverse market conditions.

Using new platforms should work on many levels, and it looks like IOST has created a way for people to gain from their tokens, and also diversify away from a financial system that looks increasingly unstable.

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