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IOST Joins China’s Nationwide Blockchain Network (BSN) as a Dev

According to a recent announcement, IOST Enterprise Edition Aiou Technology has become a qualified developer of the China nationwide blockchain network, the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN).

IOST commented via a blog post:

“It is an honor for IOST to be recognized by the official BSN. IOST and its enterprise edition Aiou Technology will continue to make due contributions to the development of BSN applications. Together with well-known enterprises such as China Mobile and Weizhong Bank, IOST aims to create customized industrial blockchain solutions and contribute to the development of the new infrastructure, new smart cities, and the digital economy, which are of increasing importance nowadays."

BSN is China’s first nationwide blockchain network, which was jointly initiated by the leaders of the State Information Center, China Mobile & China UnionPay on October 15, 2019. BSN provides a global blockchain service infrastructure which crosses networks, regions, and institutions.

If you would like to learn more about IOST, or the numerous projects it is working on globally, please click right here for more details!

IOST and China's BSN

BSN supports the acceleration of blockchain development, operation and maintenance, and interoperability. It also seeks to drop the regulatory costs of blockchain applications by providing a public blockchain resource environment based on the Internet concept, which aims to promote the rapid development and adoption of blockchain technology.

After becoming a qualified developer of BSN, IOST Enterprise Edition Aiou Technology will participate in the development and testing of the BSN service network.

New Blockchain Solutions

At the present, BSN released a complete set of blockchain solutions based on anti-counterfeiting traceability, supply chain finance, data asset sharing, and certification records to provide accurate and effective docking for suppliers and demand in the corresponding industry.

The IOST post also detailed its plans to offer great tools in the future:

"In the future, IOST Enterprise Edition will continue to dedicate to blockchain technology, relying on its 6 core technical advantages — Multi-cloud support, Multi-chain support, Permission management, Smart contracts, Privacy protection, and Consensus mechanism — to make due contributions to the BSN Development Alliance and promote the commercial implementation of blockchain technology.”

Global Blockchain Development is Growing

Even with the global shutdown, groups like IOST have been able to cement new partnerships, and build positive relationships globally. Blockchain has been tapped for a number of new projects, many of which should be resilient to any further economic disruptions that may occur in the coming years.

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