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Recently, developers in the IOST community took the initiative to help the IOST team with the connection development and debugging function of the local node of iWallet. Thanks to this action, iWallet will soon support local development, which is very useful for the development of smart contracts and is convenient for developers to debug.

At present, the IOST technical team is reviewing and testing the code, and IOST will officially launch the new function once the test is completed. The IOST Foundation has always supported and will keep supporting community developers, provide reasonable incentives, and encourage more developers to contribute to the IOST ecosystem.

Development details:

IOST has always welcomed developers to #buidl on the IOST chain and create value while truly releasing the potential of the blockchain.

The IOST mainnet is the best place for developers to carry out DApp development work. By virtue of its good performance and zero gas costs, the IOST mainnet can carry complex smart contracts and guarantee lower to no transaction costs, making the construction of large-scale and more sophisticated DApps possible!

  • Developers can apply to become IOST partner nodes and receive rewards.
  • Developers are welcome to develop more wallets, SDKs, and other projects on the IOST mainnet
  • Developers may test the performances of the IOST mainnet and submit bugs to help us secure even further the robust security of the IOST mainnet.

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