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IOST is Now Available at Crypto Dapp Data Services

IOST is led by a solid team of founders and backed by world-class investors. It was created to create an underlying architecture for the future of online services as well as an ultra-high TPS blockchain infrastructure to meet the security and scalability needs of a decentralized economy.

IOST is expected to become a next-generation high-performance public blockchain platform that aims to offer developers a strong, stable underlying infrastructure.

When compared with other public blockchain projects, IOST’s primary innovations and upgrades focus on the blockchain consensus mechanism and blockchain virtual machines. IOST has worked continuously to create a thriving ecosystem, releasing applications in areas including DApp games, DeFi, and social networking since its launch.

IOST Has Great Ideas

The team at IOST shows a high level of capability since most of its members have experience in blockchain and enterprise management. The IOST founders have recently announced its partnership with DappStats, which is one of the most complete Dapp listing and analytics platforms.

Under this collaboration, users are able to check the latest stats for all IOST Dapps in the IOST section, such as, Dapp balance, 24h users, 24h transactions, and 24h volume, that are shown on the default page. Moreover, users also order Dapp by categories such as title, balance, category, and numerous 24h/7d stats.

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About DappStats

DappStats is a DApp listing and analytics platform that provides all the necessary data a user looks for in Dapps.

The DappStats token holders also receive rewards by sharing revenue in the form of Tron, ETH, and other blockchain coins, which creates a sustainable dividend system for token holders as well as is a great opportunity for DApp developers to get the attention.

The IOST Community

IOST’s Node Program is the staking program globally creating by numerous blockchain research institutions. Its program is highlighted to be attractive returns, low risk, and ease of use.

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In addition, IOST offers different ways for you to study the IOST community through chat, social media, or to discuss product development.

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