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19 Feb 2021, IOST is officially live on LaToken Exchange.

IOST/USDT trading pair is now available, with deposit/withdrawal of IOST on LAToken officially opens on Feb 19, 12:00 PM (UTC).

Click here to explore LAtoken.

Disclaimer: Latoken is a third-party, centralized exchange. The information provided here does not constitute any investment advice. All content provided here is intended for education only. IOST bears no responsibility or liability for any loss which players may experience. Please contact the Binance team directly for any questions.

About LATOKEN Exchange

LATOKEN is the principal exchange by liquidity for new digital assets. It provides the simplest way to access crypto through the web and the best-in-class mobile app.

Currently, Latoken places number #13 on Coingecko Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Ranking by Trust Score.

Stay tuned on our Twitter & Medium for Twitter competition & Trading Events to celebrate the launch of IOST on LATOKEN.

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Join IOST Community!

Supported by Sequoia, Matrix, ZhenFund, and other major investors, IOST is an enterprise-level blockchain platform developed for online service providers.

The IOST project team is currently mainly composed of R&D personnel focusing on blockchain distributed technology. The team is formed by experienced blockchain industry experts who have graduated from world top universities such as Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Tsinghua University, and Beijing University.

With a two-year-old mainnet, IOST has swiftly risen to become a world-leading public chain renowned for its numerous government collaborations and enterprise partnerships around the world. IOST is one of the Big Four public chains with a rich user base and real applicability alongside Ethereum, EOS, and TRON. 500,000 community members, over 20 countries worldwide, over 400 nodes, top staking economy, and growing.

IOST’s Node Program is widely praised as the globally leading staking program by numerous blockchain research institutions with attractive returns, low risk, and ease of use are some of the key program highlights. To learn more and participate in one of the world’s top staking program, please visit here.

If you would like to hang out with the IOST community on chat, social media, or to discuss product development, we have something for everyone:


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