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IOST is HitHub’s First Partner in Global Blockchain Open-Source Node Program

HitHub, the decentralized incentive community for developers, has launched the “Global Blockchain Open-Source Node Program” with IOST being the first strategic partner among top-tier blockchain projects.

HitHub’s project was launched to empower open-source ecology and offer innovative solutions to challenges developers face such as product security management, capability assessment, timely value delivery, rapid implementation of ideas, and proprietary authentication.

IOST’s experience in balancing scalability, decentralization, and security, is sure to provide support to HitHub with technical consulting and assistance on how to avoid the excessive sacrifice of censorship resistance while improving scalability.

Both organizations could support each other to develop in numerous areas such as optimizing IPFS decentralized storage structure, cross-chain proprietary authentication, and more.

IOST is constantly expanding its platform and increasing the number of nodes to improve its speed and reliability. Click here to vote for BitBoy Crypto's node in IOST.

HitHub is Creating a Decentralized and Incentivized Developer Community Protocol

HitHub was created by autonomous developers teamed to build a coworking community focused on creating a credible and decentralized coworking development infrastructure for a fair market of developers’ works.

The protocol allows the creation of a transparent credit reference system to form a community of developers, by developers and for developers.

HitHub applies smart contacts and decentralized storage technologies such as IPFS to reconstruct solutions for whole-new code custody, copyright protection, and value bearer.

HitHub is Empowering and Rewarding Developers

As an open-source community core formed by developers, contributors who participate in content-making and technical development in the community will be offered token incentives.

By downloading HitHub and connecting to back-up servers setup by HitHub team, developers can get access to the Hit Network.

To facilitate migration and use by developers, HitHub is planning to introduce an easy-to-use web page platform to simplify the application of HitHub Protocol and provide cloud services for developers.

Creating and Accessing Repos Should be Easy

Developers can create new Repositories and receive the corresponding Hash on HitHub easily.

Other developers can trace the corresponding Hash from the Decentralized Hash tab (DHT) to clone or fork the repository if access is needed, with any update producing a new Repo Hash.

Under the partnership with IOST, HitHub will migrate and copy codes, put custody on HitHub, and provide assistance in building public chain networks by using IOST’s advanced technologies.

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