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IOST Hosts its 2020 Q2 Global Partner Nodes Meeting

After the first half of 2020, IOST presented its global partners with a summary of the achievements for the first two quarters and plans for the rest of the year.

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A Time to Celebrate and Share Accomplishments

The Q2 Global Partner Node meeting was held on July 23 of 2020, with the participation of IOST’s cofounder Terry Wang, IOST representatives, and over 70 partner nodes from around the globe.

The meeting consisted of three parts, each of them focused on a different aspect of the IOST Ecosystem:

  1. Summary of Development efforts during the first half of 2020 and an explanation of the roadmap for the second half by IOST co-founder Terry.
  2. Summary and speech from the IOST Foundation team representative.
  3. Node partner representatives presented their previous efforts and contributions toward the IOST ecosystem as well as their plans for the second half.

The Past and Future of IOST in 2020

The first part of the meeting was directed by Mr. Terry as he mentioned some of the highlights of the first half as well as the plans the team has for the second half of the year.

Some of the technical highlights mentioned in this section were the continuous innovation on this aspect of the platform, the multiple and regular updates to the mainnet as well as optimizations, and IOST’s first place in the CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index.

During the first half, the update of the staking mechanism to version 4.0 allowed for the reduction of the unstacking period from 7 to 3 days, a notable reduction that benefited users greatly.

There was also a heavy focus on improving cooperation between enterprises and governments in China, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, and other countries.

The plans for the second half include the continuation of these cooperations, exploring the application of blockchain technology in more fields, improving and deploying cross-chain technology, and comprehensively developing the DeFi ecosystem.

Contributions and Future Plans from Contributor Nodes

A total of 18 global partners participated in this segment by talking about the content they are producing and how it is contributing to the IOST network.

The list of the partners who participated is:

  1. Neoply
  2. Eversystem
  3. XPET
  4. PHI
  5. Heritage Blocks
  6. Liebi
  8. Powermine
  9. Lichang
  10. Shenmi
  12. Kwudor
  13. GameTea
  14. Citadel (Paradigm Fund)
  15. UnseenMagic
  16. GOGOC
  17. Sonata
  18. TokenPocket

More information about each specific project and its reports can be seen in IOST’s blog post.

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