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IOST and Greencore Partnership will Develop Layer-2 Scalability and Privacy Protection for User

The IOST foundation has announced its partnership with GreenCore, a Singapore-based company known as a New-Energy Ecosystem Reconstructed by Blockchain.

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A Partnership Meant to Improve Both Platforms

Under this partnership, the two companies are going to devote resources towards research and development of layer-2 scaling solutions for Greencore by using IOST’s advanced public Blockchain technologies to optimize Greencore’s existing blockchain infrastructure.

IOST will provide its novel and advanced off-chain scaling technology to Greencore while benefiting from the application scenarios that Greencore creates, such as the New-energy trading and settlement marketplace.

Greencore was created with the goal is to build a trading and settlement system for carbon credits and new-energy assets, as well as a validation network for carbon emission quotas and certificates of emitters.

The Singaporean company will deploy a public chain settlement protocol which uses Layer -2 scaling technologies as its keystone, to improve users’ trading experience and further increase privacy protection.

Greencore is focusing on improving the scalability and usability in the off-chain trading and settlement layer by applying the mature off-chain scaling technologies of IOST to the trading process.

About Greencore

Greencore is a Singapore-based company created under the blockchain of the Greencore Protocol.

Greencore’s blockchain specializes in reconstructing the New-energy industry by providing an ecosystem with higher efficiency, transparency, and liquidity for the New-energy industry.
Greencore Eco-system consists of 4 categories as following:

  • Blockchain Framework, which is the Infrastructure of Greencore Protocol.
  • Traditional Energy Players which is Energy companies and energy traders.
  • DeFi services which are Facilitators of Greencore Trading & Settlement Layer.
  • Crypto Exchanges is to support of GCT token liquidity.

About IOST

IOST is a leading blockchain platform backed by Sequoia, Matrix, ZhenFund, and other world-class investors and built for online service providers.

IOST is officially one of the Big Four public chains along with Ethereum, EOS, and Tron.

Thanks to its POB consensus algorithm and the design of the second-layer solution, IOST has already achieved high scalability and TPS.

By developing an effective community-owned network, IOST offers a platform for third-party developers, creators, and enterprises a greater value.

The platform can improve transaction performance without sacrificing decentralization, which
means it protects privacy, public participation, and communities from malicious attacks.

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