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IOST 2020 Announces Event to Grab 1000 Genesis Badges

To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of IOST, the IOST team launched an NFT Event in which 1000 IOST global fans will receive a special NFT “Genesis” Badge each to give back to all the supporters of IOST.

This will follow the success of the 1st event in the IOST 2020 Year-Long NFT Event Series, the 2nd event now comes with its 3rd-Anniversary Limited Edition NFT badge “Genesis”.

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Are You Ready for 1000 “Genesis” Badges for 1000 IOST?

Event duration:

Starts: June 19, 2020
Ends: June 28, 2020

Steps to participate:

1. Like & Retweet the event post on Twitter
2. Tag at least 3 friends
3. Send a congratulation message to IOST for its 3rd anniversary in the comment area, with at least 20 words and hashtag #IOST3rdAnniversary
4. Fill in the form:


The event is only available for IOST mainnet accounts and one wallet address can only participate one time.

IOST reserves the right to select participants based on the content quality of their posts.
There will be a unique serial number for each token.

The rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the event ends.

About IOST 2020 NFT Event

IOST is rolling out IOST 2020 Year-long NFT Event to promote the use of NFT assets and commemorate the IOST’s highly decentralized and high-performance mainnet ecosystem launch.

Eligible participants will collect all 9 IOST NFT Tokens to Win a Mystery Box. This box includes but not limited to IOST candy, merchandising, physical prizes, staking votes, offline event tickets, and more.

The IOST “Genesis” Badge event is the 2nd event in this series of 9 NFT events. There will have the next 7 line-up events in this series.

About the IOST Team

IOST came into being in June 2017, and was created by a group of entrepreneurs. The team has been developing a strong community, and is scheduled to be listed in three major exchanges within one month, including Huobi, OKEx, and Binance.

The team created IOST mainnet. The mainnet is more secure, easy to use, fast, decentralized, and highly scalable. it's original and unique Proof of Believability (PoB) consensus mechanism enables horizontal scalability and high throughput.

The peak value of TPS can reach 8000, the number of network transactions broke 370 million and growing, and the block height has surpassed 80 million.

Also, the V8 Javascript used as a core smart contract execution language ensures the mainnet’s performance, accuracy, and security while making it easily accessible for developers to write contracts on IOST.

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