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Introducing: Crossfire, The Crypto.com Mainnet Dry-Run

Posted 1 year ago | by @devadmin

Final Dry-Run before Mainnet launch, USD 300,000 incentives for validators

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Today, we announced Crossfire, the Crypto.com Mainnet dry run, aimed at stress testing the network in a practical, real-world setting before public release. Crossfire marks an important milestone and final step in preparation for mainnet. Participating Validators have the opportunity to compete with each other while completing tasks. Winning Validators will share a prize pool of USD 300,000 in CRO rewards.

In the last year, the Crypto.com Chain has received massive support from its community and industry partners. Croeseid, the latest testnet, features a new codebase based on the Cosmos SDK and has achieved great success with 50+ validators deployed and over 800,000 transactions processed.

We are now inviting our community to register and become validators on our network.

Sign up to become a validator here.
Register from 13:00 UTC, 17 December 2020 to 12:59 UTC, 11 January 2021

Competition Period
Starts: 04:00 UTC, 18 January 2021
Ends: 03:59 UTC, 15 February 2021

Learn about the different stages of the competition here.

Maximum Number of Participants

Crossfire Validator Tasks: (Note: No minimum CRO staking requirement)

  • Entry tasks – Setting up validator nodes and keeping them online
  • Complete tasks for additional rewards:
    – Submitting transactions to the network for a chance to win the jackpot
    – Proposal voting participation
    – Perform node client update
    – Observe and report valid network attacks via Crypto.com Chain GitHub
    – Compete with other validators to become one of the top 10 Most Valuable Participants (MVPs)

Crossfire Validator Rewards:

Compete with other validators to become one of the top 10 Most Valuable Participants. Each eligible participant may receive CRO rewards upon completion of tasks:

  • Entry tasks – Up to USD 1,000 each (200 winners)
  • Network upgrade – Up to USD 150 each (200 winners)
  • Jackpot – Up to USD 10,000
  • MVP Prize – USD 13,000 shared among the top 10 validators
  • Network attack sharing, bug and bounty program – Up to USD 50,000 shared by contributors

More details about the prize pool and rewards breakdown can be found here.


We encourage participants to refer their friends to join the Crypto.com Chain Crossfire Mainnet dry run as well. Eligible referrers and referees will receive a reward of 50 USD worth of CRO each. Read more about the referral program here.

Join the Crypto.com Chain Quiz on Twitter for the chance to win USD 100 worth of #CRO each week! Quiz rules can be found here.

We have set up a Crypto.com Chain Discord channel to facilitate technical communications to our community as we prepare for Mainnet. Join the discussion here.

For more information on setting up a validator or a full node on Crypto.com Chain, click here.


  • Crypto.com reserves the right to change the registration period without prior notice
  • Participants from restricted countries are not eligible to join
  • Crypto.com reserves the right to select/restrict participants at its sole discretion
  • Multiple submissions may result in disqualification; please email chain@crypto.com if you would like to amend your registration information

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