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Indian Exchange CoinDCX Introducing Professional Crypto Training Courses

The Indian government’s attitude towards cryptocurrencies in general is pretty bad. Regulators in the country are heading to pass an anti-crypto legislation that is likely to eliminate the use of cryptos at any official level.

Although the Indian government and its regulators appear to be fairly successful in their quest to fight Bitcoin, Indian crypto firms decided to introduce educational programs and professional training courses for crypto enthusiasts.

A recent announcement revealed that crypto exchange CoinDCX has partnered with the Blockchain Council to launch an online professional training course regarding blockchain. The Blockchain Council is an organization aiming to create a space to raise awareness and educate people on blockchain technology.

Teaching People About Cryptos in India

The new collaboration marked the coming of two professional courses in crypto education. This expands the current educational framework "DCX Learn" for CoinDCX and provides training sessions for trainees with the exchange app.

Apart from offering in-depth practical knowledge, these two new professional training courses also can help people earn certifications issued by the Blockchain Council in blockchain technology, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger.

Toshendra Sharma, Blockchain Council’s executive director, stated that the education system's goal will be, “industry-oriented and career focussed.”

According to Sharma, the collaboration with the cryptocurrency exchange guarantees that training offered in this sector is, "realistic and up-to-date."

There is Demand for Crypto Pros

CoinDCX notes that in Bengaluru, the southern state of Karnataka, there is a biggest demand for the industry experts.

In March, CoinDCX contributed $1.3 million to a long-term project named TryCrypto. The academic program expands the exchange's commitment to raise awareness and strengthen the acceptance of cryptocurrency in the nation.

The key part of this strategy is to target the attention of 50 million Indian users to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

During the first half of 2020, the exchange reached a deal of $3 million round in Series A with Bain Capital funding and managed to secure $2.5 million for Coinbase and Polychain Capital's strategic investment.

In July this year, another move was made by parts of the Indian government to remove the ban in the crypto ecosystem in India. This doesn't appear to be state policy, as the Indian government is working to ban the asset class as a whole.

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