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Indian Exchange Bitbns Token will be Available on KuCoin on July 30

In an official announcement, the IDG-backed exchange KuCoin confirmed that the Indian exchange Bitbns Token (BNS) has become its second Spotlight project this year.

The Indian exchange's token is scheduled to sell through the KuCoin Spotlight program on July 30, 2020.

The exchange offers multiple features to its users as well as supporting over 185 cryptocurrencies, making it one of the best options when it comes to trading securely and quickly. Make sure to click here to take advantage of all the benefits KuCoin has to Offer.

Bitbns is the Second Spotlight Project of KuCoin this Year

Bitbns is one of India's largest cryptocurrency exchanges with its native token BNS, which is a multi-protocol utility token aiming to allow the general masses to use crypto as their fiat used in daily transactions.

BNS has completed four rounds of pre-public sales within 20 minutes and has been used in cases like shopping on Amazon and other E-commerce sites, paying utility bills, and receiving trading fee discounts on Bitdroplet.

Bitdroplet is a platform backed by Bitbns that allows users to invest in Bitcoin by using a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) strategy in various fiats, including USD, EUR, GBP, INR, THB, and AED.

KuCoin has Been Growing Ever Since its Creation

Founded in December 2017 by ITT graduates, Bitbns grew to be one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in India with notable success within a year of its launch, including being the first Indian exchange to support over 50 cryptocurrencies in its system and reaching over 500,000 users.

Now, 3 years after the fact and after becoming a well-known name in the industry, KuCoin Global’s CEO Johnny Lyu, referred to this new partnership by stating:

"As one of the most global exchanges, KuCoin is committed to promoting the globalization of blockchain and crypto. After India announced the lift of the crypto ban in March, KuCoin launched a $50 million support plan to boost the development of the Indian blockchain industry. India has become one of the most important markets for crypto. And Bitbns has ushered in unprecedented opportunities. KuCoin is very happy to witness and participate in the development of Bitbns. It is thrilled to launch BNS, a project with real potential, on our Spotlight platform."

Bitbns CEO Gaurav Dahake also referred to the benefits the partnership would bring for users and both platform:

"To give Indian people a smooth entry into the crypto world, Bitbns gave importance to ease of use, security, and customer support right from the beginning. Bitbns has expanded into the UAE and Thailand with plans to expand into 30 more countries by the end of 2020. Conducting the token sale of BNS on the KuCoin Spotlight platform will enable more users around the world to know BNS and participate in the future development of Bitbns. We believe this is an important step to accelerate the globalization of Bitbns."

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