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IBM And Colombia Work to Deploy Blockchain Projects

In July 2018, IBM and Columbia renewed their longstanding relationship with the foundation of the Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency.

The two parties agreed to together develop and deploy an inclusive plan that applies blockchain and innovative technologies to bring a comprehensive renovation to many socioeconomic sectors.

The main purpose of the plan is to utilize blockchain and data transparency to build new business models, enhance policy making and enforcement and secure data privacy.

Colombia Doesn't Want to Fall Behind

In the beginning, the Colombia–IBM Center is focusing on opening new training courses regarding blockchain applications and data integrity.

For the year 2020, five courses have been introduced by the Center to business institutes, schools for public affairs, legal institutes, information technology and engineering schools. Many received submissions for international candidates from IBM corporate and organizational partners in other countries.

These training courses help open the horizon and change the mindset of students, motivating them to broaden their thinking. Through these programs, students are encouraged to seek practical applications that can utilize blockchain technology and data transparency.

New Ideas for South America

Each course is designed in a combination of different methods, including mentorship, workshop, incubator, and funding. Trainees can take part in the real-world stimulated environment, and get the most realistic experience.

So far, the Center provides plenty of industry subjects that students can choose to learn, such as healthcare data management, real estate certificate management, and food supply chain management.

In parallel, the group is continuing research to examine and promote new initiatives in how blockchain and other advanced technologies, such as IoT, can bring a new future for data security and other business sectors.

Recently, nine research projects were conducted for blockchain and data transparency.

The research adopted various methods, including surveys, thought leadership, and workshops. The result was summarized on an online registered Showcase Kickoff session with the joining of IBM speakers and Colombia-IBM Launch Accelerator representatives.

While Colombia is taking a leading role in South American blockchain development, it is way behind other nations, like Singapore. As more advanced nations pull ahead of latecomers to the sector, the likelihood of new blockchain development powerhouses falls dramatically.

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