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HyperLinq Teams Up with TradingView to Provide Advanced Charting 

Hyperlinq and TradingView have announced a partnership aimed to bring advanced charting capabilities to the trading tools platform.

TradeView is the go-to platform for traders interested in visualizing market data to correctly predict its movements, improving their investment strategies. To take advantage of the powerful features that TradingView has to offer, make sure to click here.

Bringing New and Improved Features to HyperLinq

HyperLinq, a fintech company that creates and provides trading tools to investors, has partnered with TradingView, a web-based charting package, and trading social network.

Under this new partnership, HyperLinq will bring advanced charting and technical analysis tools to all crypto traders who use their platform.

As a technology engineer for crypto, forex, and capital markets aiming to elevate trader efficiency, HyperLinq said the partnership will help its native desktop app, HyperTrader. This app is a new and improved charting and technical analysis tools.

As a result, desktop devices will be offered premium features, including additional chart types, multi-chart features, enhanced indicators, and more.

Improving Trading with Powerful Trading Tools

Kunal Kumar, HyperLinq CTO, spoke on the new cooperation in a blog post, sharing that the company will take advantage of the power of premium charts of TradingView to offer traders the better experience:

“HyperLinq’s new partnership with TradingView will bring the power of premium charts from TradingView to the world-class native desktop app from HyperLinq that helps traders manage multiple portfolios, trade with ease, and find insights into their trading behavior.”

With the new features, traders can monitor various assets on various exchanges and be offered new charts such as Line Break, Renko, Point & Figure, and Kagi. One of the highlights of this announcement is the offering of 12 customizable chart types to HyperTrader 2.0.

By bringing powerful technical assistance, quick solutions for bugs, and several other additional features, this partnership is considered to accentuate and enhance HyperTrader’s features as well as add value to traders.

Meanwhile, the Director of Partner Integrations at TradingView, Milana Ruchkina, said:

“This is very exciting – to see HyperLinq build better tools for trading in collaboration with TradingView. Together, we can make the experience holistic for trades across the world.”

Two Leaders on Their Fields

Founded by the creators of charting software MultiCharts, is a web-based charting package and trading social network that aims to offer all of the functionality of a premium charting for desktop, along with the speed and portability of a web-based platform.

The HTML5 based charting platform has a wide community that helps traders easy to share and find trading ideas, indicators, and automated trading strategies.

On the other hand, HyperLinq Inc was founded back in 2018 and is headquartered in New Jersey. The fintech company builds trading tools for traders to enhance their user experiences and improve their trading efficiency. The company heavily focuses on building intuitive applications for the levels from newbies to professionals.

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