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Huobi’s Research Arm to Partner with the University of Gibraltar

Huobi Group announces partnership with University of Gilbraltar.

In an exciting merger of innovative technology and enlightened education, Huobi University will collaborate with the University of Gibraltar on various blockchain projects. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located at the bottom of Spain on the narrow gap between Europe and Africa.

On September 5th, Huobi Group, the parent company of both Huobi University and Huobi cryptocurrency exchange, announced this unique endeavour, describing it as, “first formal collaboration with a Western university.” The Huobi Group originated in China, but headquarters are located in Singapore.

The President of Huobi University, Jianing Yu, signed a memorandum of understanding which formally launched the alliance. Yu commented that Huobi is “very excited at the prospect of future collaborations…. particularly as a means of accelerating the establishment of high quality blockchain-focused educational initiatives.”

Huobi is Cementing Partnerships

These future collaborations include academic programs, research projects and short-term courses. Subjects range from distributed business models, digital asset investments, wealth management, blockchain interfacing with 5G and blockchain applications in other fields.

Gibraltar's Minister for Commerce Albert Isola also signed the memorandum of understanding, on behalf of the university.

Yu further elaborated that he is looking forward to the initiative resulting in the mutual sharing of blockchain progress between China and the West. Lastly, the company stated that it would like to offer a series of English language classes for global entrepreneurs and investors.

A Long Time in The Making

This partnership probably has been in planning since October 2018, when the Government of Gibraltar and the University of Gibraltar created an advisory group to study the development and impact of blockchain education courses.

New research conducted by major cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase shows that 56% of the top 50 universities in the world offer one or more classes on cryptocurrency or blockchain tech.

Huobi University and the University of Gibraltar seem to be right in the centre of a popular trend, as both parties “share an ambition to promote high level academic research on the DLT landscape.”

Blockchain education programs are growing all over the world. MouseBelt recently launched its Blockchain Accelerator UC Los Angeles, UC Davis, and UC Santa Barabara. The initiative is backed by $40 million in cash from NueValue Capital.

While many of the blockchain education programs globally are in their early stages, major universities are getting involved with a technology that is catching on in a number of vital industries.

Banking, logistics, and energy are all putting blockchain to work. Added educational resources may further the reach of blockchain technology over the next decade.

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