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Learn how community member Zach Prater opened his network for The Blockchain OS to grow.

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So, you’re based in Fort Worth, Texas USA. A town that recently started mining Bitcoin in City Hall as a six-month pilot program.

Yes, Fort Worth wants to position itself to be the capital of crypto mining and partnered with the Texas Blockchain Council. There’s even a resolution we can vote for, issued by the Fort Worth City Council to encourage the growth of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology companies in our town. Initiatives like these, by local governments, can really make a difference in adopting blockchain technology. Even my mother is now interested in blockchain and crypto. She even did the Coinbase Learn & Earn on Cartesi.

For a lot of people in the United States, it’s hard to understand what the need for certain blockchain systems is. Projects really need to explain this well. There’s a video that Erick de Moura made on YouTube a while back about why Cartesi matters. That was the video that just clicked for my mom, and for a few other people that I’ve shown this to as well. After they watch this video, they say: can you really ask the people behind this project questions? And I say, yes, you can download Telegram or Discord and you can talk to anyone in the team, they’ll respond as quickly as they can. And that blows everyone away.

You’re a community member who seems to know every article, post or video ever published by us. Our core community contributors are often amazed about your knowledge level and your critical questions. How do you stay updated on Cartesi?

Y’all making it very easy for me to follow what you’re currently doing. Take the Coffee with Cartesi crypto talk between Colin and Erick, that was incredible. When it aired I looked through Cartesi’s Telegram and Discord to see everyone was so positive, because the status of the project was explained perfectly. And I really think that that’s what some people needed to hear. I really think what you’re doing is the poster child of perfect marketing, because you educate your communities while you’re expanding your product. There are so many articles and videos or recordings that you have made, explaining what Cartesi is and what is currently done. And every single time, the explanation just gets easier and simpler to understand. For a non-technical guy like me, it’s rare to find projects that focus so much on explanations of current and future developments. When I started learning about the project, I discussed Medium Articles with Paul or TokenExpert on Telegram, trying to understand everything better. Everyone was always so helpful even when it was hard to explain. I then joined the Cartesi Discord and started talking with Carlo about what programming is and how the Cartesi team are “mad computer scientists”. It made me want to become a developer.

I attempted to learn programming and create my own project with excellent advice from Carlo on where and how to start. I took free Programming classes at Khan Academy, recommended by the team. I also took a few classes from Binance University and Coinbase University so I could understand what crypto projects are trying to accomplish and see how they plan on achieving their goals. But life caught up with me. I started writing financial articles for cryptocurrency YouTubers and investors. I got pretty good at it so I decided to write a book about investing, budgeting, and financial lessons everyone my age should know.

Tell us more about your book!

My book is focused on young investors who want to invest but don’t know where to start and need financial education. I really think that there’s a problem with people my age that don’t understand certain financial things that should be taught in schools, such as budgeting, or how to apply for loans before college. In my book, I have little lessons about how I dealt with college loans, how I got started investing, and how I can look at a project to know what exactly they’re trying to accomplish. I’m using Cartesi in the book as an example of a top-class cryptocurrency project that teaches their community while creating demand for their tech.

Was explaining our project to your readers – who are potentially newcomers to crypto – challenging?

It was not that hard. Let me pull that part up, hold on….

Yes, there it is: “But this is where having some knowledge of how technology works is important, almost all blockchains run on a programming language called Solidity. It was the programming language of choice when creating Bitcoin and so far it’s been the most widely used in this industry. Projects such as Cartesi (CTSI) are creating programming machines where developers can use any programming language to code smart contracts within the cryptocurrency industry. They’re bringing a Linux OS to blockchain, which is what arguably 90% of most technologies run on and it’s an OS that all programmers are familiar with. Cartesi is also adding languages such as C++, Python, and JAVA. I bring up Cartesi because it’s how I learned about the importance of understanding the technology behind the project”

Cool. When did you start learning about our project?

I purchased Cartesi on July 25th, 2020, and have been staking and HODLing ever since. I’ve learned so much about the cryptocurrency ecosystem through Cartesi.

Over the past 2 months, a lot has happened for me: I’m working on editing my book, finding a full-time cryptocurrency job and I proposed to my girlfriend after 5 years. As for blockchain/crypto, I’ve decided to jump fully into this space.

Romantic! Did she say yes?

Yes, she did!

How a CTSI holder plays an active role in advancing Creepts on The Blockchain OS.
Zach proposed to his girlfriend with the ring paid for using CTSI.

Recently, you took the initiative to try and bring Creepts, Cartesi’s first (tower defense) game to a next level.

Indeed! I had played Creepts before and loved the game itself, I missed the past tournaments but remembered its excitement within the community. While playing KleeRun, I was thinking: what if we can turn Creepts into a KLEE Play-to-Earn Game on their app?

I asked in the Cartesi Telegram about the team vision with Creepts, and Dinali responded saying “if anyone is interested in turning Creepts into a product or developing a game or interesting DApp, we are very much open to providing technical support through Cartesi Labs”. I thought to myself this is my chance! So, I messaged the KleeKai Team asking if they could turn Creepts into a KLEE Play-to-Earn Game and they responded a week later asking more questions and I connected them to you.

0*5RcB0nQUn4GlMcca How a CTSI holder plays an active role in advancing Creepts on The Blockchain OS.
Creepts — Cartesi’s first fully decentralized tower defense game

We are in contact with them now, thanks! We’re always open to talk to companies or teams to take our MVP’s to the next level. We will surely keep the community updated on the next level of Creepts.

Finally, how do you see the near future of Cartesi?

As a non-developer, at first it was a little tricky, trying to understand the future of Cartesi without a classic roadmap and it didn’t make sense to me at first. So I read the article in which you explained it, reread it, I talked with the Discord community about it. And in the end, it made sense, what y’all were trying to get away from: away from setting hard stone dates and focus more on just building the technology in general. And I think the points that you brought up are really valid, the fact that this space is changing so quickly, it’d be worthless if y’all just tried to focus on something that was relevant today, that won’t be relevant once the project is complete. I think it’s a very valid point for Cartesi to want to get away from saying hey, we’re going to finish this in Q1, or Q2, instead of just quietly adapting to whatever changes need to be made.

I’m expecting a massive growth like Cardano had. When that project came out it really wasn’t very huge. It rose, it spiked, it was developing technologies, but the wider public didn’t know about it until roughly 2019/2020. As soon as there was a lot built on Cardano, when the tech was ready, then the project really hit it off. That’s kind of how I, and a lot of the community members, believe Cartesi will be in the near future: it will massively spike once a large number of developers will build on The Blockchain OS.

Looking back, I have never questioned Cartesi’s future or the lessons I’ve learned from it. I’m very excited to be a part of this discussion and even more excited to work with my favorite project making the technology more widely used.

Know a CTSI holder who we should feature in this series? Reach out to our team over on Telegram, Discord, or any of our social channels and let us know a bit about you — we’re always happy to get to know our community members more!

About Zach

Zach Prater got involved with crypto in 2016 when he heard about Litecoin and Ethereum. In early 2020, Zach watched a Creepts tournament that brought him to Cartesi to stay. Over the years he’s graduated college, gotten engaged, and is looking for a full-time job in the cryptocurrency industry.

Currently, he lives in Fort Worth Texas, where the city is going crypto crazy. At his local church, members are asking countless questions about blockchain, and now that City Hall is mining Bitcoin, Fort Worth is an exciting place for him. In his free time, Zach is planning his wedding, writing a book, and looking for new opportunities in the crypto industry.

The Blockchain OS is a decentralized layer-2 infrastructure that supports Linux and mainstream software components. For the first time, developers can code scalable smart contracts with rich software tools, libraries, and the services they’re used to, bridging the gap between mainstream software and blockchain.

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