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France to Introduce Education Program for High Schoolers on Blockchain, Bitcoin

Earlier this year, the French Ministry of National Education revised its study plan to include a basic course on Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency more generally. This is a first in the public education system at a national level, and the topics that will be covered by the courses are also very interesting.

Cryptos are seeing a resurgence of popularity in France, and there are plans to relaunch a crypto payments platform for more than 5,000 tobacco shops later this year by local start-up Keplerk.

France is one of the many nations that has seen a rise in civil unrest this year, and there are many areas of the economy that aren't performing well. Paris was rocked by months of violent protests earlier this year, and the calm that has replaced the weekly displays of violence is tenuous.

Add to that the steadily falling interest rates globally (low rates mean no incentive to hold fiat), and it is easy to see why the traditionally free thinking nation could be looking to prepare its citizens for a radically new monetary system.

What is France Teaching its Students About Bitcoin?

The courses that France's Ministry of National Education added to this year's curriculum will cover questions like:

  • “Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?”
  • “Can Bitcoin replace the Euro?”
  • “Do you have trust in your currency?”

It isn't hard to see that the French government may be looking for ways to educate its young people about how money works, and also show students that central bank-backed fiat currency isn't the only option.

Much in the same way that Germany experienced hyperinflation in the 1920s, France dealt with the fallout from the Mississippi Bubble in late 1700s, and apparently the nation still remembers how quickly an empire that is built on paper promises and wild ideas can fall apart.

Blockchain Education is Gaining Ground Globally

Major universities are also picking up the blockchain theme, and looking for ways to integrate the new technology into their courses.

Institutions like Cornell, MIT, Stanford, and many others are adding blockchain courses to their programs, and the number of universities that are offering at least one class in blockchain has risen from 42% to 56% between 2018 and 2019.

Businesses are adopting blockchain-based platforms at a good clip, and they will need well educated recruits over the next decade. As blockchain becomes a staple technology of global industry, the need for talented employees will likely grow.

Cryptos are also being used more. Again in France, more than 30 retailers, covering over 25,000 points-of-sale, announced that they would be accepting Bitcoin as a payment method by early 2020. Cryptos are gaining traction in the real world, and it appears that major governments are starting to take notice.

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