Posted 8 months ago | by Catoshi Nakamoto

Ethereum was on track to break 4K! Until it wasn’t. You could say we’ve seen a pullback in the Ethereum price over the past few weeks, and a strong bounce to the upside might I add, but let me tell you; the fundamentals of Ethereum, the very reason that we’ve been talking about ETH on this channel for years, are getting even better. Ethereum is the most useful digital asset in this space. We know that because of how much it upgrades, all the projects that run on ETH, it’s dominance in the NFT space, and all the applications that can and will be used on the Ethereum network now, and in the future. Yes Bitsquad, Ethereum still is the real deal. And although we’ve seen a lot of volatility and price pullbacks, the innovation and development is accelerating. Today we’re going to talk about ENS, the .ETH domain names through Ethereum Name Service that is blowing our minds and into the dirty details on what’s new with Ethereum.

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