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What’s new and exciting with this release?

0*I IKgtZQXfrbUb3m Hello, Cartesi Rollups Alpha 0.2.0.

Hello, mainstream coders everywhere. We’re making it even easier for you to build the blockchain application of your dreams with the new release of Cartesi Rollups Alpha.

We simplified the DApp backend code development and introduced a new economic component critical to enabling DApp deployment in a Cartesi infrastructure. Plus, a cost reduction of 26% in gas fees when deploying our example DApps on Polygon’s Mumbai testnet? Yes, please!

What’s new in Cartesi Rollups Alpha 0.2.0.?

1. Through the adoption of the Diamonds pattern when developing our smart contracts we achieved a cost reduction of 26% in gas fees to deploy our example DApps on Polygon’s Mumbai testnet.

2. Economic components

  • Portal to teleport assets (ERC-20 tokens) from L1 to DApps running on Cartesi Rollups
  • Fee manager to pay validator nodes at the end of each epoch

These additions are critical to enabling DApp deployment in a Cartesi Infrastructure (e.g. Polygon + AWS), first in testnet, and then in Mainnet in the future. They will also allow DApps to send and withdraw funds between L1 and L2 and to pay validators nodes.

3. Simplification for DApp backend code development

4. The Cartesi Machine hash is now part of the deployment of the DApp smart contract

5. Website documentation update for the HTTP API

6. Refactoring of all existing examples because of the simplification for DApp backend code development

It’s a significant step closer to testnet and we couldn’t be more excited. With improved developer experience, we’re getting ready to welcome even more developers to The Blockchain OS.

Want to explore the updates for yourself? Head over to Github to dive right in:

About Cartesi

The Blockchain OS is a decentralized layer-2 infrastructure that supports Linux and mainstream software components. For the first time, developers can code scalable smart contracts with rich software tools, libraries, and the services they’re used to, bridging the gap between mainstream software and blockchain.

Cartesi is enabling millions of new startups and their developers to use The Blockchain OS and bring Linux applications on board. With a groundbreaking virtual machine, optimistic rollups, and side-chains, Cartesi paves the way for developers of all kinds, to build the next generation of blockchain apps.

Welcome to The Blockchain OS, home to what’s next.

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