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Hashgraph is Working on Mental Health Platform – Targeting a Billion Users

The new collaboration between Hashgraph, an innovative technology firm, and the Chopra Foundation is developing a new mental health platform. The project creators expect to reach a billion user within five years.

The platform’s mission is to set up a global mental health network and spread its use around the world. Suicide prevention will be the core priority of the platform.

The “Never Alone Initiative” will support, “a global community, delivering secure access to scientific research, the work of mental health and wellness experts, and pragmatic tools and practices for everyday use,” as reported by a press release.

Media reached Hashgraph for further details due to lots of fuss over Deepak Chopra and his charge of promoting pseudoscience, which could interfere with the collaboration.

In response to those concerns, Hashgraph’s CEO, Mance Harmon, showed a positive attitude towards the controversy about Chopra and also believed that, “the platform that is being created can be of value.”

Further, the CEO said that once the project achieves success, it will contribute to Hashgraph technology as an import use case and also add further support to Distributed Ledger Technology.

Hashgraph Sees Potential

The firm’s technology will see additional abilities to authenticate files, trace its use and remunerate creators with only one token. Some blockchains could find it challenging to store large media content, but Harmon thinks that Hashgraph will win over this task with its design.

The base layer is the role of Hashgraph’s Hedera Consensus Service – which provides transaction management into consensus order. As far as Chopra Foundation’s part goes, its duty focuses on nodes’ functionality. Both parties also affirmed that data stored in private space remains secure.

The company told media,

“When the content gets created, it gets hashed and the hash gets submitted to the HCS, gets its timestamp and then gets streamed back to this private network that stores everything.”

Harmon appreciates the design of Never Alone platform, adding, “that is the model of combining crowdsourcing of content, curating that content, having the community at large effectively reward the content creators through there, through their participation and usage and remuneration through a token.”

Some May not be Convinced

Chopra's methods may be controversial, and some may wonder about the fact that he is working as an adjunct marketing instructor at Columbia University Business School.

That said, if he manages to reach just one-tenth of the specified targets, it’s still a big achievement.

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