Posted 10 months ago | by Ben Armstrong

Has Trading Become a Form of Entertainment?

Retail investors in the US are jumping into stocks via digital platforms like RobinHood. It is clear that people are starved for entertainment – and they are looking to the Wall St. casino for some quick action.

With the FED jamming ever more EZ money into the markets, there is a good chance that at some point in the not-too-distant future, we are going to see strong inflation.

This is where cryptos enter the picture.

The situation in the crypto markets is very different from 2017, when most tokens exploded in massive rallies, only to see those peak valued get shredded over the coming 12 months (XRP is still at around 1/10 of its peak 2017 price).

Today, cryptos are being bought up in large quantities by larger investors, but are still underowned at a retail level. As cryptos continue to rise in price (either a little – or a lot) the same set of retail investors who bid up the shares of bankrupt US companies may flock to cryptos in a big way.

A Massive Rally is Probably Coming to the Crypto Complex

Unlike broken companies that are being kept alive with EZ money, many cryptos offer investors real value. Most of them can be used to totally remove oneself from the established financial system, which is looking more unstable with every hour that passes.

Some liken cryptos to gold, but they offer much more than the yellow metal. Tokens can be sent instantly across the planet at little cost, and can also be safely stored in an inexpensive electronic device.

So the question that arises is – what if 2017 was just the beginning?

As it stands today less than 10% of the people in the USA own cryptos, and similar numbers exist in other larger economies. There is a massive amount of room for cryptos to grow – and the crypto sphere has an advanced trading ecosystem to offer dopamine junkies.

A Boom that Could Shake the Firmament

The crypto complex could enter a reflexive rally that creates the next generation financial system that many crypto proponents have been waiting for patiently.

As cryptos gain in value, they will appeal to a wider market, and more people are likely to accept them instead of cash. In countries where the financial system is falling apart (think the Western World) this alternative financial system will make even more sense from a pragmatic point of view.

All of these factors would continue to fuel a rally as more people swap fiat for tokens – never to return to the fiat system.

This all sounds good for people who have tokens, but remember, adoption rates outside of Nigeria and Vietnam are still very low. Many people would be left out in the cold as their fiat investments implode, which isn't going to be much fun to watch.

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