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VeChain is Making Big Moves

It seemed like not that long ago, that a devious yet popular YouTuber was making videos every day about how much of a scam VeChain was. Fast forward to today, and VeChain seems to be one of the most promising platforms in blockchain.

After several big partnerships and announcements, VeChain is now welcoming the crypto project Hacken onto its blockchain. Hacken is known as the crypto of white hat hackers. A white hat hacker is someone with a hacking background who does things the right way and helps sure up security against bad actors, known as black hat hackers, in the cyber world.

Hacken explained exactly what the migration and swap would look like as the project switches blockchains:

By migrating to the VeChainThor Blockchain, a transition will take place from the ERC-20 HKN Token to the VIP-180 HAI token, minted on the VeChainThor Blockchain.

For all of our loyal HKN holders, HKN will be swapped at a later date for HAI tokens. Stay tuned for the token swap ratio of HKN:HAI. In fact, as it stands today, as we write this letter, HKN holders will be substantially better off swapping to HAI. We truly appreciate the support, and we regard you all as family. As of the writing of this release, HKN token holders are in a comfortable position to benefit from HAI’s release.

So not only will Hacken be changing blockchains, but it will also be changing to a brand new token called HAI. The HAI token will have a total supply of 1 Billion with an initial circulation less than 30% of the total supply.

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