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Guardian Circle See Surge of Downloads With Coronavirus Pandemic

Guardian Circle, which is a crypto-based emergency app, has recently witnessed a considerable number of monthly downloads presumably due to the COVID-19 crisis.

So what is Guardian Circle?

Guardian Circle is the first blockchain-based crypto emergency response app that provides crowdsourced safety. It enables app users to provide access to a decentralized pool of pre-selected citizen-rescuers who are alerted in a given region in case of an emergency.

These responders will give help, and hopefully eliminate the dangerous situation.

With panic buttons, crash detection, voice interfaces, and heart rate monitor, and others, the main functions of allowing not only private security but also a medical response to control service areas with within a given geographic areas. Users are encouraged with the $ GUARD cryptocurrency reward.

Guardian Circle Works for a Community

Guardian Circle figures supplied to Cointelegraph illustrate that more than 5150 new users downloaded the app in March. That represents monthly growth of 2582% for the three-year-old app, which had struggled to attract attention in regular times.

In January, a little over 300 new users signed up.

The co-founder also CEO of the project, Mark Jeffrey, told media that before COVID-19 until now, their main marketing challenge had always been how to get users to think about future crises.

People often don't like to think of emergencies because they are stressful. With COVID-19, that challenge is now gone. The amount of psychological damage that the pandemic has done is immense, but it may pale in comparison to the economic damage that is in the pipeline.

Communities will need to have decentralized safety solutions, and Guardian Circle is well placed to grow into that role.

New Challenges Ahead

Jeffrey believes that the overall COVID-19 crisis will be a positive thing for cryptocurrencies. In particular, the current crisis is causing severe stress on the established financial system all over the world, and is much worse than the 2008 crisis.

We can not feel right yet, but there will likely be a massive economic fallout over the coming months. At that point, we may see the use of Bitcoin rise. In addition to offering a decentralized payment solution that isn't connected to the fiat banking system, BTC is also not political.

One of the biggest problems that the world is facing is a collapse of the post WW2 geopolitical order, which is what cemented the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. As people wake up to this reality, new ideas, like Guardian Circle, will likely be welcomed by the public.

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