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Oxford Women Join Global Blockchain Education Push

Blockchain innovation is picking up speed, but the vast majority of the blockchain community is made up of men. According to a recent study, less than 5% of the GitHub contributors are women, which shows how severe the gender imbalance in the blockchain development community may be.

A new program being undertaken at Oxford University in the UK hopes to start a pivot away from the current gender ratio in the blockchain world. OxWoCS - otherwise known as the University of Oxford’s Women in Computer Science Society, will be teaming up with Zilliqa to create blockchain workshops that are specifically targeted at women.

Called, 'The Blockchain A-Z Workshop Series', the educational program will welcome women to classes that are limited to 20 people, and will run thought November 21. The program is currently underway, and Zilliqa will help any great ideas to fund fertile ground in the real world.

A Need for More Diversity

Another study, this one undertaken by Quartz, showed that from 2012 to 2019, around 85% of blockchain companies were staffed solely by men. OXWoCS is working to change that, and they seem to have cemented a positive connection with Zilliqa.

Paula Fiddi, who is the founder of the OxWoCS, commented:

“At OxWoCS, our goal is to ensure that female scientists are presented with equal opportunities to engage with various areas of the tech industry...From established fields of research to nascent disciplines ripe for exploration, it’s important that women are adequately represented in order to champion diversity both in action and in practice.” in a statement.

OxWoCS was founded in 2013, and was created to allow females at Oxford who are computer science majors a chance to learn more, and find support for their careers. Some of the group's backers include Facebook, Google, and G-Research, which puts members in a good position to advance in the industry.

The Business Side

In addition to working on the The Blockchain A-Z Workshop Series with OxWoCS, Zilliqa is hoping to support any good ideas with grants and mentorship.

Zilliqa developer marketing lead, named Saiba Kataruka, stated:

“Diversity continues to be an endemic problem in the wider tech industry, and blockchain is no different...We are excited to be embarking on this collaboration with OxWoCS to champion the involvement of more women in this rapidly-evolving space.”

In the long run Zilliqa may also benefit from the other connections that members at OxWoCS have, as blockchain technology becomes more popular with large companies. While there was loads of skepticism over the technology in 2017 and 2018, now it looks like blockchain is here to stay.

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