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FUZAMEI Launches Blockchain Platform – Donates $14K to Fight Coronavirus

A philanthropy-focused blockchain-based platform has been launched for tracking and managing data by Chinese startup FUZAMEI. According to recent press release, the platform is designed to boost the transparency and efficiency of businesses’ internal processes, including charitable organizations. The new strain of novel Coronavirus (nCov) is causing problems around Asia.

The platform, which is named “33 Charity,” is a shared network where organizations can register, store and manage personal information. Medical institutions can apply for certificates of authority through identity authentication agencies to obtain signatures, while Donors and recipients can make requests under their names.

Certificates include information about an entity or person, which are their name, contact details, public key and expiration date for the certificate. The certificates help verify identities and link them to cryptographic key pairs with digital certificates.

Additionally, FUZAMEI announced that it would contribute 100,000 Chinese yuan ($14,280 USD) for fighting the current outbreak of the coronavirus, with Chinese yuan ($8,500 USD) spent for medical supplies.

Crypto and Blockchain Community Team-Up to Fight Coronavirus

FUZAMEI isn't the only crypto and blockchain company making a donation to help people who have been affected by the new strain of coronavirus. Binance, a major crypto exchange, pledged to donate 10 million Chinese yuan ($1.44 million USD) to help push back the disease.

Krypital, a blockchain marketing service firm, is working acquire medical supplies for Wuhan coronavirus victims and announced it will create a blockchain-based donation system allowing for greater transparency and efficiency in the field.

Hyperchain (Hangzhou Qulian Technology Co., Ltd) revealed a plan to take on coronavirus with a blockchain-fueled donation platform, which will work as a medical supply donations portal to support hospitals in central China.

According to an article published by

“Since the development of the epidemic, Hyperchain has been paying close attention. On January 25, after the announcement of acceptance of social donations by Wuhan New Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters, Hyperchain immediately responded to the call and immediately decided to donate 100,000 N95 medical masks to support 10 Wuhan hospitals. Later, Hyperchain also organized a company fundraising to fully support the frontline medical staff in Hangzhou...This time, we will bring a product which will be launched in the near future to help fight the epidemic.”

A Transformative Technology

Blockchain is has been recognized by leading organizations around the world, including the United Nations, the Red Cross and World Wildlife Fund for its potential to ensure fairer, more equitable aid and distribution of donated funds.

It can also help to keep track of a range of medial conditions, and make sure that the statistics that the public has access to are accurate. There is a chance that the nCov statistics that are being released are in no way accurate, and are being managed by the Chinese government. A public blockchain would solve this.

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