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Time sure flies when we are developing new features. We’ve noticed that our community are curious about future features and updates, so we will have a quick recap of what we have achieved in the previous quarter and what we are working on.

FUFU 2Q 2022 New Roadmap!

Previously, our roadmap was through our announcements. However, moving forward, we have moved it to our Gitbook. Our Gitbook will also feature guides on how to use our features as well as any other information relevant to FUFU.

1Q 2022 in Review

It’s been an eventful 1st quarter as we launched a number of key features.
When we launched in October 2021, we started with just a pre-staking program on top of our already vibrant quiz creation platform. We followed that with launching the liquidity mining program to wrap up the year.
Since then we have launched the Main Staking program where we have already finished 2 pools and launched a new one.

We have also added a new liquidity pool on Impossible Finance and offer a staking program for the LP Tokens earned from the liquidity pool.

UwUFUFU got a facelift as it got revamped several times and ahead of implementing revenue generation, we redesigned the quiz creation process. This was thanks to our tens of thousands of quiz creators who have already created thousands of quizzes played over 5 million times. These quiz creators are at the center of our ecosystem, and it is through their feedback and ideas that we continue to iterate our product.
We also added Leaderboards to reward the quiz creators and later this will be the backbone of our Governance program as the quiz creators who climb the leaderboards earn Governance Points which are needed to submit Governance Proposals.

Finally we announced an amazing strategic partnership with AIKON and the ORE Network. Stay tuned as we integrate ORE ID into UwUFUFU to bridge Web 2.0 into Web 3.0.

👀 Future Expectations

Looking ahead to 2Q 2022, we continue to prioritize FUFU Utility features and revenue generation. A new Fixed Staking program will be launched in the coming days, followed by a new quiz type.
UwUFUFU will get revenue generating features as we offer premium services through monthly subscription or FUFU holding.
NFT Minting, which was pushed back to launch the Staking and LP Staking features, will then be next in line as we start to offer brands and users to mint their own NFTs to be distributed through our reward system which we are aiming to launch by 3Q 2022.

Stick with us!

Everything we have completed was only possible because of the amazing love and support our community has shown us. Our drive to take FUFU to the moon has never faltered thanks to all of you. We have so many more features and amazing partnerships in the pipeline which we cannot share until finalized. We don’t want to be like all those other projects that promise the universe only not to deliver so bear with us with being conservative about pre-emptive announcements. We have always been about continuous iteration based on data and metrics so we will continue to do so.
For full information on our roadmap, check our Gitbook, Twitter or our Telegram where regular updates are provided.

About FUFU

FUFU is building a digital marketing platform for Web 3.0, bringing users, communities, brands, projects and content creators together into one cohesive ecosystem.

The ecosystem’s flagship NFT creation and distribution platform is UwUFUFU. A gamified content marketing platform in the form of viral interactive quizzes that allows any user, brand, or community to deploy a comprehensive digital marketing campaign at scale in the form of interactive viral quizzes and NFTs with no code required. The platform is already enjoyed by thousands of users and content creators.

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