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The Florida government has launched the Florida Blockchain Task Force to determine the benefits of blockchain technology.

On Monday, Florida's Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis, will speak with the Florida Blockchain Task Force.

Florida legislation passed a bill in May 2019 to assemble a task force to further research the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

The Florida Blockchain Task Force purpose is as follows,"The group will study ways state, county and municipal governments can benefit from transitioning to a blockchain-based system for record keeping, security, and service delivery".

Patronis has made it a mission to prioritize cryptocurrency. In March, Patronis launched Consumer Protections, a website designed to educate consumers on potential scams of cryptocurrency. At the time of this publication, the website was not currently live.

As part of his Fraud Free initiative, Patronis shared that Consumer Protections is a way for Florida residents to understand cryptocurrency. "Cryptocurrency is a new word for many Floridians and it’s critical that you fully understand how new forms of digital and virtual currency work before you invest." Patronis said in his press release.

The Florida government launched The Florida Blockchain Task Force. Within 180 days of the Florida Blockchain Task Force's first meeting, legislators are expecting a full report on blockchain technology, as well as a pilot project.

The Florida Blockchain Task Force is working with associations like the Florida Tech Council. In a seven page article The Florida Tech Council released an article on blockchain technology. Specifically, the article delved into the benefits of the Florida government using blockchain technology. Specifically, stating initial benefits such as further security and implementing a new technology.

The United State Government has already begun to look into ways to implement blockchain technology, now individual states are beginning to look at the benefits of blockchain technology.

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