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Finding Freedom – Doug Casey Says it isn't Possible

Stateisim isn't a word you will hear much in the political arena – and for good reason.

The state has been sucking up more power, and many modern ideas rely on a strong national government to exist. This isn't great from the standpoint of freedom, and according to legendary investor Doug Casey, there isn't much we can do about it.

Casey is without a doubt correct, the modern state is extremely powerful. If you want to travel, handle money, or do any number of other vital activities, you will need to do as the state says – or else.

Even when a like minded group of people decides to create their own community, there are extensive state regulations that will oversee how the people are allowed to interact.

We aren't taking about simple things like human rights – but bureaucratic minutia like building codes and how people are allowed to use land they have 'bought' the 'right' to 'own'. When it comes to people, it is clear that most nations see them as chattel, and not empowered citizens.

Collectivism isn't Going to be Easy

Many people like to think that when power is delegated, these will be better results. To be sure, delegation of responsibilities allows people to become specialists, but this isn't necessarily a good thing.

As power is concentrated, the risk that the public will lose oversight rises, and we arrive at the terrible situation that we currently occupy in our modern world.

Platforms like Facebook are designed to control the mind of its users, all the while slurping up personal information that can be used to a variety of purposes that the average social media user will never understand.

The only way to eliminate the risk of being controlled by these advanced social manipulation tools is to not use them, which not many people are willing to do. This is a collectivist trap at its finest, and it has been shown to be highly effective.

Freedom Can Start With Our Tokens

There is a very good reason why Facebook is backing Libra – which is a terrible idea from the standpoint of freedom. The big tech players know that fiat money is just digital money that is being regulated using archaic systems – aka central banking.

As Doug Casey mentioned in a recent interview,

“From Day One, technology has been the friend of the average man, and hugely beneficial. Except the effect comes in two stages. The first is usually only good for the ruling political class and bad for the average guy.

Let’s go to Stanley Kubrick’s movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Remember the scene where the hominids gathered around the watering hole, and the one hominid comes up with the idea of using a bone as a weapon to beat up the other group?

That was early technology. The first guy that gets technology uses it to dominate. But then after a while, it’s monkey see, monkey do. The technology spreads from the inventor or the first utilizer to the population in general, and things equalize.

It’s been that way for hundreds of thousands of years...In other words, technology eventually turns the tables to the advantage of the average guy, even though it’s always used to suppress the average guy in the beginning.”

The real thing that makes cryptos different from other technological revolutions is that it is working right now – and anyone with a smartphone can use tokens in whatever capacity they desire.

This wasn't the case in the past when specialized technological means were necessary to leverage cutting edge tech – but now people can cut the fiat habit whenever their social group decides that enough is enough.

Weak Humans Support Terrible Leaders

In a stateist system, many of the leading minds are corrupted by the basic necessity of adhering to the existing power dynamic. In short – this means that whether or not a person agrees with how the system operates, they will support it for personal reasons.

If the state if human freedom is going to change, it will have to start with how we view power. When career political bosses and technocrats are put into positions of extreme power (with or without an election) – all the worst things in human nature are probably going to manifest.

All of this is possible because people keep paying for it – when they accept government money in exchange for their time and hard work. Until that changes, Doug Casey is probably correct, and freedom isn't going to be possible in this world.

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