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As our partnerships evolves, we learn new ways to incentivize our community and it is a win-win for everyone.

AGA is holding a liquidity offering that provides generous bonuses and ways to earn APY including, but not limited to, a 15% AGA Token bonus, a liquidity provider HODL reward, LP rewards on Quickswap as well as QUICK rewards through LP staking. In addition, Ferrum members will receive special incentives guaranteeing a extra 5% AGA token bonus on April 1st if you use the referral code given by their community when filling out the type-form. The minimum purchase required is $1,000 USD. This limit is higher than the minimum required from investors not using Ferrum’s referral code. Ferrum holders have the opportunity to earn a 10% AGA token bonus if 25,000 AGA ($150,000 USD) is raised. The FRM bonus will double from 5% to 10% if the FRM community collectively raises $150,000.

If our community is unable to raise $150,000, all participants will still be paid a 5% token bonus on April 1st. AGA’s total discount could be upwards of 25%. This would bring your average investment price to $4.50 USD per AGA.

Details of the event

Minimum Required: $1000 USD

Price: $6 USD before bonuses

Deadline: March 31st 11:00PM PST

Funds Distribution: April 1st between 18:00 and 22:00 UTC.

Code: FRMX888

Important Facts

  • Preferred wallets for sending funds are MetaMask and Trust Wallet
  • May send funds in USDT or USDC on either Ethereum network or Polygon (MATIC) network
  • May send BUSD through BSC to save on fees
  • You may choose if you want to receive your AGA on EITHER the ethereum network or Polygon network. Not both.
  • Minimum of 50 AGA to qualify for LP rewards on Polygon network in the AGA/AGAr LP
  • LP providers on Polygon will need to choose earnings between 24% APR paid in AGA for adding liquidity to the AGA/AGAr LP or earning 30–70% APY (estimate) for staking their AGA/AGAr LP in Quickswaps smart contract earning QUICK tokens. The smart contract will be live April.4th.
  • These rewards (APY%) are separate and do not stack on top of one another. However, you can split your LP as you see fit into either of these options

Upcoming AMA:

Want to learn more about AGA and the liquidity offering? Stay tuned on March 30th 6:00am PST for an AMA with CEO and Founder, Tomasz Wojewoda on Ferrum’s Telegram. We will be detailing information about AGA, the new vision/evolution, reasons for the raise, where the money is going, and how it will create profit.


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