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Ferrum Advisory Services & YFDAI brings you DEFIT, a 360 Wellness Project, developed as a decentralized digital fitness finance system. DEFIT, the #1 Digital Fitness Crypto Currency built for mass adoption by a fast growing community of trainers and users globally.

Importance of DEFIT Project

World has experienced increase in people searching for workout solutions. A 550% increase in searches for “Home Workout” have been analyzed as customers are finding new ways to stay fit and active at home. Other parts of the world have ranged from 350% to 650% increases.

In United States the trend was no different. State of Colorado showed that 1 out of every 1293 people are googling for a new training routine. State of Rhode Island comes in at close second place with roughly 1 out of every 1309 people searching to adapt their workout at home.

At-home workout phenomenon is definitely here to stay. As many people switched to at-home workouts out of necessity it has become a mainstay for 70% to 75% of people that will continue to use online workouts embracing a new hybrid mix of training regimen.

Wakefield Research indicates that 87% of people surveyed intend to continue a hybrid mix of workouts even when gyms fully reopen. Gemda survey shows 25% of Australians are embracing new forms of online exercises. This especially stands for women and those aged between 18–29 and 40–49 years of age.

The online fitness industry is projected to grow into a $59.2B industry by 2027. Health, Wellness & Fitness goes digital, likes of Apple, Peloton, Zwift.

This is where DEFIT comes in, a token system platform by 360 Wellness for mass adoption of a fitness blockchain system. An alternative to fiat currencies across 172 countries DEFIT is to to be used as digital currency for secured, reliable, fast payment and awards throughout the 360 Wellness ecosystem.

About Each Company

DEFIT (a 360 Wellness Project)

DEFIT, a 360 Wellness Project, is a token project that brings you large fitness world on the blockchain ecosystem. This will facilitate adoption by Top Fitness influencers, Instagram Models etc.. DEFIT will enable gamification via DEFIT token integration in-app in a valuable and user-friendly way. Blockchain improving Data Privacy and Security in the Health and Fitness Industry to ensure user data protection.

The value of company is in it’s ability to generate revenue from Day 1 through commission based business model. Subscription free platform for users and professional alike, to speed up adoption and applying commission to total revenue generated via platform that enables DEFIT. Buy-back programs by the project will be used to marketing and development fund and benefit the value of the token.

Most importantly DEFIT, as a blockchain token system, will help CUT out the Middle-man, allowing for direct access to the same experience of downloadable videos on the public blockchain.

Other uses of DEFIT tokenomics include investor benefits such as Staking — Liquidity Pools, be it Beast Mode Pool, a Weekend Warrior Pool and/or Pump it Pool. This will be important feature for the project as it allows for continued revenue stream in different ways for users of the token system.

Benefits to users will range from Referral rewards, Achievement Based Rewards, Promotional Rewards, Loyalty Rewards, including NFT Rewards including Bitcoin Airdrops. Bitcoin Airdrops will be based on Active Member Reward (70%) and Random Members Reward (30%).

For the companies and instructors there will be a various benefit such as token awards to instructors and companies that successfully set-up profiles and are verified and approved by 360 Wellness Team. Another benefit to companies and instructors is increased visibility and higher rankings in top search results, based on DEFIT coins wallet, Xperience Points, and Rating Score. Extra features include top performer trending highlights, Top coin holders ranking highlights.

As a DEFIT token it will be fully integrated within digital health and fitness marketplace ecosystem powered by 360 Wellness earning users 25–35%APY for long-term holders. Other benefits will range from ability to obtain Digital Goods, Physical services by using DEFIT token. Being able to purchase sport apparel and accessory products & merchandizing using DEFIT token.

In order to ensure continued relevancy of the project a cross chain integration through Binance. and NFT use will be implement along with 360 Welness.

Ferrum Network

Technological know-how

Ferrum Network’s technological solutions in the realm of the blockchain systems is truly revolutionizing. Among them are:

· Ferrum Network interoperability protocol which connects blockchains together, enabling the exchange of any digital asset for near-zero network fees

· Link-based swapping technology eliminates the complexity of wallet addresses and enables risk-free value transfers over any chat or social media application. Ferrum’s technology such as non-custodial UniFyre Wallet has already revolutionized the way people send crypto with its “Link Drop” technology, and is transforming the OTC market with risk-free OTC swaps embedded in a shareable link.

· Ferrum’s white-label DeFi staking technology provides passive yields for many of the blockchain projects.

· Other technologies Ferrum features are peer-to-peer fiat and crypto swap platform that will revolutionize the exchange of fiat and cryptocurrencies through a trustless and secure environment.

How come Ferrum is so successful?

Through Ferrum Foundry and Ferrum Advisory Services projects enjoy:

· Funding Strategy — Ferrum Advisory Services funds projects in-house due to a well-connected and wide-ranging investor network

· Strategic Advisory — With Ferrum team being in the space for over 6 years we help projects take the right strategic decisions on the way to being market ready

· Influence Strength — Through a strong network of influencers we are able to create the right buzz in the markets at the right time for every new project incubated.

· All of these strategies combined along with some of the best and most innovative technologies available to incubation field brings you a powerful cocktail of success matched hardly anywhere else in the DeFi field.

With some of the mentioned technological solutions and Ferrum Advisory Services it is easy to see why Ferrum Network is the right choice to bring you the projects.

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