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Ferrum Advisory Services brings you Rocket Vault, a Smart Vault powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms which adopt a data-driven approach to originate unique vault strategies to minimize losses and maximize gains to provide the significantly higher yield than any competitor.

ferrumnetworkz Ferrum Network introduces Rocket Vault, a Smart Vault delivering Highest APY!

Importance of Rocket Vault Project

Interacting with multiple staking platforms, or trying to create returns from trading across hundreds of tokens, requires constant monitoring, doing your own research and being up to speed with latest news and info. Many times, people fail these rudimentary tasks due to either time availability in the day, lack of information, lack of monitoring accounts and/or poor research, among other things.

Rocket Vault can do all the hard work for you! Simply deposit tokens in the Smart Vault, Offered by Rocket Vault, and from there a fully automated platform takes over.

About each Company

Rocket Vault provides Smart Vaults that through AI and Machine Algorithms provide high APY Performance. Through integrations with different exchanges such as Binance and BitFinex among other CEX and DEXs coming up, Rocket Vault manages to scale the vaults performance and features. Additional Smart Vaults Performance features include:

· Rewards Machine — Executed Orders and Generated Rewards in real-time.

· Gets Smarter Every Day — Currently true predictions stand at 80%. As the Vault keeps learning from historic data, every passing day the AI gets smarter leading to more accurate predictions.

· Performance — +100% APY, since inception, of consistent performance* (past performance does not guarantee future results)

· Compliant & Insured — Rest assured Rocket Vaults is compliant, registered company, covered by insurance and backed by exchange partner insurances.

Technological know-how

Ferrum Network’s technological solutions in the realm of the blockchain systems is truly revolutionizing. Among them are:

Ferrum Network interoperability protocol which connects blockchains together, enabling the exchange of any digital asset for near-zero network fees

Link-based swapping technology eliminates the complexity of wallet addresses and enables risk-free value transfers over any chat or social media application. Ferrum’s technology such as non-custodial UniFyre Wallet has already revolutionized the way people send crypto with its “Link Drop” technology, and is transforming the OTC market with risk-free OTC swaps embedded in a shareable link.

Ferrum’s white-label DeFi staking technology provides passive yields for many of the blockchain projects.

Other technologies Ferrum features are peer-to-peer fiat and crypto swap platform that will revolutionize the exchange of fiat and cryptocurrencies through a trustless and secure environment.

How come Ferrum is so successful?

Through Ferrum Foundry and Ferrum Advisory Services projects enjoy:

Funding Strategy — Ferrum Advisory Services funds projects in-house due to a well-connected and wide-ranging investor network

Strategic Advisory — With Ferrum team being in the space for over 6 years we help projects take the right strategic decisions on the way to being market ready

Influence Strength — Through a strong network of influencers we are able to create the right buzz in the markets at the right time for every new project incubated.

All of these strategies combined along with some of the best and most innovative technologies available to incubation field brings you a powerful cocktail of success matched hardly anywhere else in the DeFi field.

With some of the mentioned technological solutions and Ferrum Advisory Services it is easy to see why Ferrum Network is the right choice to bring you the projects.

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